how to keep a good Border down!
Hi all! Our 10 mo border collie was recently injured and is now on "light duty"... as if that exists in Maverick's BC brain!  I would appreciate suggestions (specifics) on ways to keep him from going bonkers for the next couple of weeks.  Memory games, new commands, name/retrieve/put away toys. The main problem will be while we are at work/school.  Suggestions? Has anyone ever hired a sitter for this type of thing?? Thank you.
How is he with a crate? For reference.
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Welcome-group    I second a crate.

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I'm with the crate also. When you are home you can also tether him to you so he can have time out of the crate yet you can control the degree of movement, keeping it gentle rather than the spontaneous more vigorous movements.
Is he allowed leashed walks. If so go somewhere hasn't been before, you could also visit a pet store. I find this is quite interesting and the heightened arousal state helps to tire them. Ask for some obedience or focus work in a more distracting area, again this is mentally challenging.
Welcome-sign12 Crate, toy naming and new tricks. For tricks if you haven't taught them already I would recommend shake, wave, high five, touch, crawl, bow, shame, take a time-out (sticking nose in a corner), balance a treat on nose, eat treat off nose, back (walk backwards), spin, bang (play dead), and beg (sit pretty). Not sure if bang and beg would be the best to teach during recovery though.
Thank you all very much for the helpful suggestions! We will work on bow and crawl tonight, although sometimes I wonder who is training whom.... The good news is we can start working up to normal activity in a week or so. I'm happy I found ya'll. So many blogs and thread's are dated several years back!
Frozen stuffed Kongs while in the crate and loads of mental games. Teach him the names of all his toys then teach him to play hide and seek. It takes walking around using the nose and wears them out.
Gotta love 'em.

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