Will my girls protect me?
A lot of people fear a barking dog, with good reason.

A couple of weeks ago I could hear the familiar sound of the UPS truck in the driveway. I opened the door, Tasha was barking but nowhere near. I said, "Get the ball, Tash" and she ran to find her ball.

On the steps of the UPS truck stood the poor UPS driver. He was a burly young man, over twice my size, clutching my parcel like it was a teddy bear. He looked terrified. I said, "Don't worry, she is friendly" and on cue like we had performed it in a play Tasha rushed out the door and spit her ball on the walkway.

The thing is the UPS driver was smart to be worried. I doubt Tasha would ever bite but I would be more worried about her then my GSD. My GSD was bold and confident. I doubt he would have ever bit without good reason. He was bombproof and fearless, 90lbs. of well built dog. And yet people feared him because he was so big and looked the part. If I had let go of his collar that day with the UPS driver I am sure he would have rushed up and pinned the guy against the pillar of our walkway until I called him away.

I watch dogs and am much more wary of a fearful dog then a big a powerful dog.
I chose my last dog because she was so social as a puppy and indeed she was. Right from the go she wanted to meet and greet strangers. If I had had a burglar, she would have just gone and got her squeaky ball. Rolleyes
This new one was sat in the open doorway and the first I knew that there was someone there, was the thumping tail. It was a neighbour but they had never met.
I'm quite happy with this really. I read of a case recently where a dog attacked an intruder and was put to sleep as a 'dangerous' dog. Though it would have been quite nice to have had a warning woof........

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