How many words does your BC know?
I swear Maddy knows around 30-50.
A brain dump off the top of my head...

din din
Yum yum
Quick (if I am wanting her to pee outside, if I say QUICK often she will pee right there and then, I kid you not)
Drop (kinda confusing, there's 2 interpretations, one for drop the ball, and the other to lie down, and she knows them both)
Get-It (if I say this, she will start looking for her ball)
What-Is-It (if I say this, she will presume something is wrong, like a stranger has entered the house - then she will go into seek-and-destroy mode)
Where's-The-Ball (she goes crazy when I say this, as you can imagine)
Up (if we are on the stairs and I say this, she will walk up)
Down (as above, but will go down)
Inside (if I am in the hallway and say this, she will go into the room)
Bad-Girl (if I say this she knows she is in trouble, and will duly come up and give me the sad n sorry eyes and more often than not try and lick my face)
Home (if on a walk, if I say HOME she will start running heading for home - she knows what it means and how to get there!).
Kiss (she will 9 times out of 10 kiss me on command ifd I say this)
Do-You-Love-Daddy (she usually kisses me if I say this, else lie down for a tummy rub)
Go-To-Bed (if I say this she will go to her crate - not sure it works during daytime though, maybe I should try that !?)
Walk (say this and she runs to the front door all excited)
Water (pronounced, oddly enough, WOR-TA - say this, and IF she is thirsty she will either head to the water bowl OR, and Yes this is gross, she will go to the bathroom, jump up and stick her mouth/tongue under the tap - basically she drinks straight from the tap... and NO I didn't teach her this, she figured it out for herself she is so smart)

I am probably missing a few. 

Sadly Murph's vocab is far less pronounced, but countering that she has a natural blonde perm !
Hmm, if I had to guess I'd say Kep knows around 50. I'll try to name them all but I'll probably miss a few.
  1. Sit
  2. Down (lie down)
  3. Stand
  4. Stay
  5. Release
  6. Come
  7. Leave-it
  8. Drop-it
  9. Wait
  10. Back up (walk backwards up some stairs)
  11. Back (walk backwards)
  12. All done (done playing and time to go inside)
  13. Crawl
  14. Bang (play dead)
  15. Roll
  16. Flop (opposite direction of bang)
  17. Flop over (oppoopposite direction of roll)
  18. Shake (he lifts his right paw into my right hand so we can shake)
  19. Paw (same thing as shake but only with left paw)
  20. Wave (waves with his paw)
  21. Shame (touches his paw to his snout)
  22. Beg (sit pretty)
  23. Bow
  24. Mange (pronounced M-ON-J, means eat the treat that's being balanced on your nose without it touching the ground)
  25. Go pee
  26. In the woods (go poo)
  27. Ah-ah-ah
  28. UGH [or any other various sound I make when frustrated] (go over to comfort me)
  29. Over here (go to where I'm pointing)
  30. Off
  31. Up (I pronounce it with a slight h at the beginning. Means jump on that object)
  32. Ball
  33. Frisbee
  34. Lamb
  35. Crinkle (a crinkly cow)
  36. Touch the ____
  37. Paw the ____
  38. Grab the ____
  39. Go get the ____
  40. Go home (same as your "home")
  41. Look
  42. In your crate
  43. Want some food?
  44. Spin
  45. Outside
  46. Reach for the sky (jump up on me. I wasn't the one who taught him that though Tongue)
  47. Get it (similar to "go get the ____" but used in more active situations)
  48. Hug
  49. Good boy
  50. Kep (of course he knows his name :raspberrySmile
  51. Speak
  52. What's 1+1? (Or any other math question that has a low positive whole number as an answer. He will bark until I say good boy)
He knows more than this but I'd have to think a bit more. He listens to me talk every day and has probably picked up on some words there as well.
After a year and a half I am certain Ember only knows 8 words...

"Wanna go for a walk?"
"Gotta go potty?"


Seriously though I feel like I can just talk to her. She doesn't have any drive to deal with anything I talk to her about, but she physically sits there and listens. Probably just hoping to hear her favorite phrases...
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Ember is a legend !!!!!
I have no ideas how many words Gideon knows. He picks up on everything so fast. Micah knows the words he has to know for stockwork, going on a walk, and his 2 favorite games. He may know more, but he refuses to say.
Gotta love 'em.
Now I am curious as to how many words Tasha knows.  She knows basic commands and words for different tricks and agility.  Mattie and Ember might be long lost twins, her vocabulary isn't nearly as large as Tasha's.  

Tasha knows the names of everyone in the house so I can say, "Take the ball to ______" and she will go find that person (to hopefully talk them into a game of fetch).  

"Mattie, it is time to take your pill" will get both dogs to come very quickly so Mattie can take her medicine and they both get a cookie.

"Dad is home" makes Mattie bark happily at the door and Tasha will run to find a ball to spit at his feet the minute he walks in.

Saying the cat's name in an exasperated tone will get both dogs to come running.  Mattie will come to see what the cat is up to and Tasha will come to bark so she can tell off the cat for being naughty.  

Calling my daughter's name early in the morning will make both dogs run down the hall to find her (she is the breakfast person).

Both dogs have a collar for home with a flat  ID tag that doesn't jingle and another collar with ID tag, rabies, and microchip tag for when we are away from home.  If I tell my daughter, "Let the collies outside and put on their 'Going to Town' collars" they will both get really excited, race around the house, and Mattie will begin barking.  They know that is the signal that I am taking them to the park.
Add LEFT to the list.
I don't think that Josie knows many human words but she spends a lot of her time talking to us in dog. I just got home and was greeted with her long loud 'welcome-home-where-have-you-been?' howl.

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