Cleaning Teeth
We are still having issues with this.

Murphy is OK, her teeth are fine as she is still young.

But Maddy's teeth are first grande concern I have been told.

We give them knuckle bones about once a week, and that helps, but they are hard to get and they create terrible 'back end' issues the next day.

we have tried the snacks but Maddy just swallows them !

And the toothbrush thing nearly ended with me losing my hand !

Problem is, Maddy is not a huge lover of chewing toys. So that doesn't seem to work.

Not keen on those not raw/frozen bones you can get from pet shops, they stink like hell and leave a massive mess and again create bad back end issues.

Kongs don't tend to work as she doesn't enjoy toys much and if we put food in it she tends to get the food out very quickly. Maybe using the wrong Kong?

And the other is I know most of the peeps here are not from Australia, so not sure if the products you use are accessible here.

What's the best way to clean their teeth, given the above restrictions?

Is there a snack I am not aware of?

This is a big issue as I am worried her teeth are going to get a lot worse and become a serious health issue. We have seen vets and spoken to people at pet shops and are none the wiser.
I have never had dental issues with my dogs, even the really old ones. I don't know why, I don't really do anything knowingly to prevent a problem. My dogs only rarely have a bone to chew on. I don't use a toothbrush. I don't use chews very often.
I like to give 1/2 a chicken carcass as part of their diet twice a week to clean their teeth and also meaty lamb bones. I don't give chews other than occasional pigs ears and I don't brush their teeth. I have never had dental problems with my dogs.
My catahoula was like that -- incredibly difficult to clean her teeth without sedation, great at just eating the chews and uninterested in chewing toys. I have no idea whether this would work for you, but in the end the solution was birch sticks. And by sticks, I mean that we would pick them up in the woods and let her bring them home. She didn't eat the wood, but we were left with a pile of mulch in her favorite spot in the living room. I just got used to sweeping it up when she was done. Birch was her absolute favorite, but if you don't have that lying about where you are, some other non-toxic tree might work.
We give the girls a tiny bit of wet can food along with dry food, fro breky. Do you think it is the wet food that causes the bad teeth, bec of sugar content?
Actually, it's more likely the dry. Dry is usually very high in carbs and they are the type that sticks to teeth, like chewing crackers. I would suspect her problem with diarrhea is because she can't handle the fat in the bone marrow, so maybe try a turkey neck with no skin.
Gotta love 'em.
Raw turkey neck?
Yes, raw. They are low fat, as long as you take the skin off. They have lots of cartilage and the bones are small enough that even if your dog doesn't chew them well, they shouldn't be a problem.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks but hard to get turkey necks down under, we eat very few of them outside Xmas

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