Optimum diet for heart condition
I was told my 8 year old rescue collie had a 'mild' heart murmur. My vet thinks it's a grade 3, likely left mitral valve insufficiency. However he (the dog not the vet) presents as very fit with no symptoms as yet.
I want to keep him that way as long as possible. Need to get him off the rubbish food the kennels sent him home with. Was thinking half top quality kibble and half home cooked (prefer not to go raw). I have been looking at Orijen or Eden for the store bought.
Plus various supplements.
Any recommendations?
You know how cats have to have taurine added to their food and dogs don't? Well, they are finding that some dogs do need taurine added to their food and it's dogs that are prone to heart conditions that need it. Normally, I would say just give some raw meat, because that's where taurine is found. Cooking destroys it. But if you don't want to go that route, I would suggest adding some canned cat food to your dog's diet. Raw egg yolk is good for that, but you have to separate the whites. You can lightly cook the whites and feed them too, you just can't give raw egg whites every day.
Gotta love 'em.

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