Fenzi Classes
So we're doing the hound about and proof positive both in bronze. Getting excited for classes to start on the first.
[Image: 2017-01-25%2008.55.54_zps4pg1dz33.jpg]
Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
Both of those look fun.
I at the moment have decided not to do one this session and work on my TEAM titling, but that my change, lol.
I was going to do Hound About Town, but I had to financially hold back. We are doing Performance Fundamentals at Gold and Nosework 120 at Bronze Smile

Should share videos here - we might need to add a forum under training LOL!
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My unrealistic idea of taking a break this term may already be undone, lol
I have just messaged Debbie about taking the Canine Conditioning.
Last term they did a course called ready, stead , squirrel. Do you think they may have a similar course for the human end of the leash?

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