Today at the beach
We met a gorgeous 16 week old grey Merle bc on our walk today- makes me want another puppy!

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Beautiful sunset photos!!
Gotta love 'em.
Those photos are GORGEOUS! Awesome job! Wtg
Nice shots! And awwww puppies! Man I do want another!
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Beautiful photo's ! In Australia that colour is called "Slate Merle". It is very pretty. Hmmm puppies, can't get enough of them !
OMG, what a beautiful place to be able to walk with your dog.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Hi Trifan,

Slate Merle- so pretty! She had ice blue eyes too- could have just bundled her under my shirt and brought her home.

Was reconsidering the appeal of a new puppy at 3am this morning however when Josie learnt how to open the sunroom door by herself so she could harrang the possums! Between my husband and I we baracaded the door 5 times before she finally couldn't open it any more (sunchairs, coffee tables, the room!). Ah the joys
Beautiful photos!

Josie opening the door made me laugh. Sometimes they are too smart!

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