Rescue collie and his love of farms!
Ben has been with me a week now. He is a dream to have around and is just so affectionate. His recall is impressive - except when there are other things on his mind. That would mainly be the nearby farm. His doggie brain goes into overload when he hears a sheep etc. Given the chance he would be up the track to the farm buildings answering the call of his previous life and no amount of calling from me gets his attention (we found that out).
I got the border collie out of the farm but how do I get the farm out of the border collie?
Other than the continuing work on his recall, is there any way I can 'de-program' him? Am I missing something obvious?

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In case he was a stock dog, the call off command is "That'll do." Sometimes pronounced "At'll do." If that doesn't help, the retraining technique is for you to be more fun than the distraction when you call. For most dogs, that may mean jumping up and down or running around a bit, for your dog...I don't know. The other thing is to make sure that when you call him, the fun doesn't stop. If the fun stops when you call, he will learn to ignore your call. So make sure you call and then release him again or call and play or call and reward, but don't just call and go it and quit.
Gotta love 'em.
Yay! The long awaited photo of Ben. He's a handsome guy! Snoopy
The frustrating thing is in the garden or on the village green with no distractions he comes instantly. But I guess 'with no distractions' is the easy bit.... Big Grin
Maybe we just need to practice attention and recall (but with him secure) at times of peak farm activity. Will try the 'that'll do' as well. Plus just got a whistle - it's a bit more attention grabbing than my voice.

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This is the first pup I've seen built more like Ember! Ember is short and broad (in the chest area). He is very handsome! And loving life apparently!

ETA: Yes, work UP on distractions. 3 D's of training
- Distance (how far out can you call him back?)
- Duration (does he come all the way back to you or stop short?)
- Distraction (what else around you might be more interesting?)

Find the place he can recall from that is close to the farm, and find the place you CAN'T recall from. Work your way closer to the farm. If he doesn't recall at a certain distance, back up to where he CAN and try again.
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Will work on those things thanks. Yes he is stockier than the average collie round here. I believe he is 100% BC but I did wonder, at one stage, if there was anything else in the mix!

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