Specified attachment does not exist.
Does anyone know why when I try to open an attachment on this forum I get the above statement.
These attachments are mainly photos that other members have posted.
Are these photos from older posts? They might not have transferred properly during the conversion because of one or more reasons. 
Can you tell me one specific photo you were looking at? As we come across these we are going to try to fix them.

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As OB said, there are probably 0 attachments accompanying anything before the board move a week and a half ago.The post author will need to re-attach their images.

If there are attatchements on posts AFTER that move date (March 8th, I believe), then those I can look into.

For what it's worth, REALLY old threads (like back in the 2011 era) didn't have attachments before the move either. I had noticed that reading around when I first came here.
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I am new member so maybe they are posts prior to a 1 1/2 weeks.
They are mainly the attachments in the photo section.
Thanks for responses.

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