7 Month yo puppy chewing on baseboards
Hi everyone,

 It's been a while since I've had to write anything. This is Gunner the love of my fiancé and I's life. He is the most loving and sweet boy. Our only issue currently is when we are gone he is chewing on our baseboards! We live in an apartment and don't gate anything off he has free roam it's beenlike this since he was 5 months old and he has done wonderful besides this last month! Im gone for 6 hours Mon-Fri we have tried "yuck" spray but it did not bother him a bit. He knows it's wrong because when we come home he runs to his bed very guilty looking. When i come home he gets plenty of different exercises and has acess to a lot of chew toys we really while I'm gone I don't want to crate him for 6 hour shift anyone have suggestions?! Is Is he just too young to leave out alone, if so why was he perfect months ago? Help

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Pups sometimes go through a stage of chewing everything at that age. He shouldn't be allowed alone unsupervised until he is over it for everyone's sake. He should be fine in his crate for 6 hours.

There's another recent thread on here very similar to this with some questions already answered. Maybe it would be helpful to check it out. http://www.allbordercollies.com/thread-16261.html

Gunner is a handsome young lad btw! Snoopy
Six hours in a crate really isn't that long.  My daughter is homeschooled so we are home with the dogs most days.  Today I took both collies to the park to play fetch while my daughter had her music lesson and then we went back to the park to do some agility training.  We were home from the park around 10:30 and except for getting a drink or getting let outside they both napped on the sofa until the UPS guy stopped by a little after 4:00.  Most of our days work this way.  They get some exercise/training in the morning, the middle of the day is for napping, and then we do something with them in the evening.  So don't feel guilty for crating him during the day.  

By the way, Gunner is really cute!

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