Puppy has mites
(03-18-2017, 03:49 PM)only-borders Wrote: The dogs bedding and things need to be washed. The mites will stay in the carpet also. Mites will go from pet to pet. 

This is a snipet I took from an article on skin mites. 

When a dog displays cheyletiellosis, all animals in the household must be treated, as the mite can live for up to ten days away from a host. It is also important to thoroughly clean bedding, kennels, and rugs, so that the mite does not re-infect your dog, or infect other pets. Pets must then be bathed six to eight times a week to remove skin scales. In addition to insecticide and lime-sulfur rinses, your veterinarian may also prescribe oral medications. If the dog has a long coat, it must be clipped to a short length.
Living and Management
If you have been in contact with an infected animal, or your pet is infested with the Cheyletiella mite, you may develop a reaction, such as itching, small red bumps, or minor lesions, but the condition will clear on its own through the normal course of bathing yourself. It is best if you disinfecting your dog and its living environment, as well as disinfect and/or discard its combs, brushes, and other grooming equipment.
I second the option of finding another vet if possible.

The guy in the pet shop recommended a spray for the carpets and furnishings so we have been spraying everywhere soon as I have the meds from the vet on Monday cos I had to pay in advance for the treatment I'll be registering elsewhere basically neglected a 10 week old puppy and  left him suffering if I did that I would probably be in jail tonight
Many years ago when my GSD was a puppy he had mites and he had to be treated with a special bath.  My vet told me I could do it at home or bring him in and they would do it.  I decided it was worth the extra expense to have them do it so we had a few trips to the vet.

Poor baby and poor you.  I hope he feels better soon and I agree that it is time to search for a new vet.
Just a warning about tea tree oil. A LOT of dogs are hypersensitive to tea tree, so it isn't recommended. And if you have cats, they are even worse and can be affected by coming in contact with areas where the dog has been, if you do use it on the dog. Much as I LOVE tea tree oil, I decided to not risk it.
Gotta love 'em.
Yep, Tea Tree is powerful stuff and definitely can be dangerous if misused. I don't use it to my own formula on the dogs but I sure use products that it has been added to appropriately. It's in the hand made goats milk soap I have been using for years, I wish I could send you all some, it is fantastic and lasts and lasts.
Just read the ingredients for the spray it's a mix of lavender oil aloe Vera and tea tree seems to be a good combination it's certainly helped calm the itch
There is lavender in my dog soap as well amongst other things. If the dogs get a rash from certain grass seeds it sooth it right down.

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