How does your dog welcome you home?
Mine sit and wiggle their butts and tails frantically but this has probably been taught in the process of teaching them not to jump up. No matter how they all do it nothing makes you feel more special than your dogs welcoming you home. How do people live without the love of dogs ?
Whenever I return home from somewhere, Izzy greets me with a very emphatic "aarrrrroooooooo!!!!!"...and then runs directly to the back door, totally ignoring me and asking to be let out. Doesn't matter if I've been gone all day or for only 5 minutes, doesn't matter if he's been in the house all day or has been outside 20 times before this, it's the same each time.
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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." ~ Will Rogers
Mattie has separation anxiety and I am her person so even though she is fine staying at home with other people she still is stressed when I am gone. When I come home after a day away Mattie will greet me with a happy smile and a tail that wags so hard she can hardly walk. I pet her and tell her how much I missed her and she makes cute little grunting noises. Then Mattie runs around the house to find all the people. It is like she is telling everyone I am home.

My son says that Mattie is the smartest pet because she knows nothing good ever comes from mom being gone.
He usually jumps up to lick my face not happy ununtil he gets some love

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Gotta love 'em.
Delilah slings her tail and has a 'dog-eleptic siezure', jumping, laughing, and then rolling on her back for a rub. Her whole body is in joyous movement!
Both of my 2 mad nutters go mad and jump up at me. Then Ben (The crazy 1 year old) Jumps up on to my seat or runs across the table and promptyly sits on me and gives me a kiss Smile
Glad to hear Koda isn't the only one with an "Arrrrooo" howl Smile

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