The Destroyer of All Things Tough
I'm sure he does! Giggle I've never heard of the jolly ball. I think I'll try it, thanks for the suggestion!
Just don't get the Jolly Ball in this photo.


Tasha destroyed it when she was about Kep's age.  I wish I had taken an after photo.

Kep looks like he is saying, "Excuse me, I was chewing on that, give it back please?"
They used to have this huge plastic ball called Indestructible Ball. My GSDs not only destroyed it, but they sank it in the pond. The company soon renamed to Jolly Ball. Not because of my dogs though. They used to advertise to zoos that they were indestructible, but when a bear and a lion at different zoos destroyed them, they decided they couldn't advert that way any more.
Gotta love 'em.
Yes, we have one of those T&MM! Fun for little kids but not for dogs. Giggle

Kep definitely wasn't too happy to have it taken away and then have his photo taken. Tongue
@"trifan", yesterday night I bought Kep the jolly ball. It was right next to the chuck its in the pet store so it was easy enough to find. Thumbsup It looks like it will be a good toy to take down to the river when it gets hot enough. For now though let's see how long it lasts Tongue

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I got a red one of those for Kairo! She adored it! Also found a way to deflate the middle ball in about 2 months time (impressive considering she bites through bones in a matter of hours). He'll love that one!
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It was either red or blue but i decided blue because when I held both out in front of him at the store he sniffed the blue one first. Tongue Those moments when you let your dog decide what you buy. Lmao
Kep looks pleased with his new toy. Please update at how well the new toy holds up, I may get one for Tasha.
Of course!

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