The Destroyer of All Things Tough
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As you can see, Kep chewed through two chuck it balls. He has also destroyed two medium sized red kongs, a black medium sized kong, and a red small sized kong. The small red kong was my sister's husky's kong that she just bought. I zoned out on the couch for a little bit and when I woke up the bottom half was missing. I wish I had taken pics of them too but oh well I guess. I'm going to get him some solid chuck its and a jive ball from west paw.
Wow he is systematic there, huh?! LOL Good luck with that one!
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Maybe a little too much! Giggle I'm hoping that he won't be able to chew through a hole that doesn't exist on the more solid toys.

ETA Also as you can see he seems proud of himself. No remorse whatsoever!
He did a great job! He needed new toys anyway, so he just needed to make sure you were aware of the issue.
Gotta love 'em.
LOL GM! Lmao Those balls were actually my brother's husky's balls that the husky didn't like because they were rubber and not fuzz. The ones I got him belong outside but he lost them. The only chuck it I have left for him is the glow in the dark one. I'm going to make sure that that one won't get destroyed or lost. So in other words he won't be left unattended with it and no one is to use it without me supervising.
Oh, well the poor husky definitely needed new toys. That was really sweet of Kep to care about your brothers dog enough to fix this egregious error.
Gotta love 'em.
I never though of it that way! Giggle Kep must have known and had to show us that we need to buy new toys. That silly, smart, evil genius!
Love it! And his face is a picture - "Sorry, not sorry!"

Bron's taken to destroying her soft toys. I've just got home from work and it looks like a massacre has happened - fluff stuffing and animal limbs (the toy kind) scattered all over the rug. One dead dolphin (no stuffing), monkey (head torn off), pig (ripped to shreds) and a lizard missing a leg and a squeaker, plus a supposedly indestructible toy with its stuffing pulled out of the torn ripstop nylon. I've told her she gets rope and tennis ball toys if she carries on LOL
I can imagine Bronwen! She didn't feel sorry, did she? Tongue
I love the look on his face, he has no idea what all the fuss is about and perhaps even considers it a job well done. The only indestructible toys I have found are balls called "Jolly Ball". They come in 3 sizes and the one in the photo is a medium. They are so tough, try as he may Max has not broken it in 18 months of having it. It has been tossed with considerable force off our verandah over and over often hitting trees hard and has not broken. They are not cheap, probably because they only get one chance at making a dollar on them due to them never breaking. I have purchased 2 of them, I got a spare because Max loves it so much I thought he would really miss it too much if it ever broke, (which it hasn't). It's cheaper for me to buy in the US even including shipping, than it is to buy in Australia.

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