The "Vaccine Debate"
I am NOT one for having my dog pricked every so often just because. However, this is one very good reason why I won't fight it and just get her the shots (as long as there is no adverse reaction, of course).

Rabid Fox in my Home County

No, the "rabid fox" part isn't what concerns me. It is the 6 month quarantine for "not being up to date on vaccinations". How do you fight against "unnecessary vaccinations", knowing that if something were to happen, even if YOU know your dog is covered, the government doesn't see that because you didn't over vaccinate?

I believe here the rule is every year, but I might be wrong. My understanding, though, is that a rabies vaccine is technically good for life after one?
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I've been wondering this too. I heard somewhere that the rabies is actually good for 6-9 years but they say 1-3 because they want to make money off of it. I've also heard that some of them are just downright unnecessary and too much vaccinating can cause cancer. I'm not so sure how true all these claims are but they definitely sparked my interest.
Many states require rabies vaccine every three years but there are a few states that require the vaccine annually.
This is the video I saw.

I do a very limited vaccine protocol.
The law states rabies every 3 years here.
This is such a huge subject both with our pets and our children here in Australia. Our Gov't has nothing really to do with vaccination in respect to our dogs, the standards are set by the veterinary industry and at the end of the day it is entirely up to the dog owner as to whether they follow current recommendations but we don't have a disease like Rabies that crosses to humans. Our vaccines are only for Parvo and Distemper. If you use boarding kennels you might add kennel cough as they won't take a dog that is not vaccinated.
What I do know is that in lower socioeconomic areas where vaccinations are not maintained there is a very high incidence of these illnesses and high death rates as a consequence. I personally have always followed the recommended schedule of annual vaccination and in my entire life as a dog owner I have never experienced any ill effects or had a dog die from anything but old age or in one case a tragic accident. Nevertheless, I was very interested in Titre testing, however in recent times I have heard negative feed back in respect to the true success of letting these test results dictate a vaccination schedule. In respect to dog vaccinations I am fine with freedom of choice as I can look after my animals and protect them against those who don't vaccinate. I guess the Rabies shot is a whole different story as dog owners freedom of choice may effect the human population so someone needs to set the standard. Of course I know nothing about the statistics of the incidence of Rabies but I can't help but wonder that perhaps if the risks are low, it is due to the vaccination program and maybe changing that could lead to a situation that has occurred here in Australia with needless human deaths due to anti-vaccination movements.

We have a vigorous movement of anti-vaccers in our human population and the evidence has become clear as unprecedented numbers of babies are dying from exposure to whooping cough within the community prior to them even being able to be vaccinated. Our Government has now taken a strong stance on the whole thing and unvaccinated children cannot attend state schools or daycare facilities. The parents also lose any Gov't benefits paid to families (which is actually a lot) and are not entitled to tax benefits. I have friends who are anti-vaccers and they claim it is about freedom of choice. Well, the video's shared by angry parents as they watch their babies die from suffocation tell me that these parents and their babies had no choice because someone else's freedom of choice outright kills the baby. 

It is amazing that in this day and age there is not some conclusive evidence and statistics for or against some of these vaccinations. For my part I will always ere on the side of caution until I absolutely "KNOW" differently.
Yea same here. When a vet suggest it I'm always "get it over with" minded. Now I'll side effects here either. I just have been seeing lot of articles about how our current "regimen is considered "extreme overkill". Not sure how extreme.
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I wonder why some states require rabies every year?

For those outside the USA. Rabies is the only vaccine required by law. If you want to attend classes with your dog (especially a puppy), or board your dog or attend doggie daycare you often have to show proof of vaccination for all the usual diseases and sometimes also a clean fecal test within the last six months. One thing I didn't know until a few years ago is that bats often are carriers of rabies. Not a big issue with dogs but it has been a problem with humans.
When I was out of the Uk and they dropped quarantine for all dogs. Initially the dogs from agree countries had strict guidelines.
First dog is microchipped
Then a rabies shot registered to the microchip
2-3 weeks later a titre
6months from a positive titre, the dog to visit a specified vet, and get required paperwork.
To keep this valid your dog had to get another rabies shot BEFORE a year had passed from the last one.
If it went over then another titre and 6 months was required again.
Uk has now kind of got into line with rest of Europe and 30 days after rabies shot the dog can enter.
For proper immunity, your dog needs all it's puppy vaccines and then the boosters at 1 year. After that, vaccines are good from around 6 years to life. The problem is not knowing whether it is 6 years or 8 years or life. The reason they do 3 years on the rabies vaccs is because they did a study that found that the odd dog started to lose immunity in the third year. Since they can't predict which dog that will be, they have all dogs vaccinated on that schedule. Personally, I give rabies according to the law, which is 3 years here, and the other core vaccines I give every other time, so every 6 years. Here, we actually have very prevalent lepto and it's the serovars that the 4 way actually covers, so Gideon gets the lepto vaccine, but due to Micah's allergy issues he doesn't get it. I don't give kennel cough.
Gotta love 'em.

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