Advice from new vet
This one obviously not a money grabber like the last one , told me to give the dogs a probiotic drink everyday to encourage "good" bacteria to grow in the gut , said that would have cured the puppy's diarrhoea might have avoided paying hundreds of £ in vet fees, got 12 bottles for £1 from the supermarket
7up I love it when good advice comes along. Kudos to the new vet.

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Yes fair play to that vet. Maybe we should start a good vets thread! Kudos to the vet who showed me how to give a B shot and gave me a supply to give at home instead of raking in money for a consultation every time.
Love it when you can tell the difference in vets! And awesome that you can save so much money this way! Probiotics are such a good thing (Ember needs some, her breath is killer right now...)

I went through four vets before I found one that worked with Ember. First one scared her so bad on her first visit (used her harness to pull her closer without thinking). Couldn't get her in the door of that vet after that. Second one was Banfield (basically in every Petsmart) but was definitely big-chain-corporation style and kept giving "general advice", leaving me feeling like they didn't really see my dog, just A dog. They were great otherwise, very gentle. Then Myrtle Beach Veterinary Clinic, which was pricey and very pushy on high end heartworm treatment and very pill based.

Finally we found Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach (not to be confused with the 3rd vet but is basically 1 block from it....), and I have never been happier. Ember is actually getting better with going there with each visit. She stays relaxed in the waiting room and even plays Find It in the actual vet room. Only thing she doesn't like is the moving table, but no one blames her there. It's loud and mechanical. They are still slightly pill based but always ask if I want to do something different (if there is an option) and always ask what have I tried first (she even knows what Fenzi classes are and wouldn't let me try the Prozac until I said we had taken a few different classes). And she has been basically on call for us when we did try Prozac. She cried when I told her we were moving in June Sad
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Glad you found a good vet, they are worth their weight in gold. I love my vet and her staff but in the past have had a couple that weren't so great. I once took my Miniature Schnauzer in to a new vet just to get routine vaccines and he told me we had fleas because my dog had flea dirt all over her. I told him her skin was dry and that was dandruff. He insisted she had fleas and my house was infested with fleas. I paid for the vaccines and ran away as fast as possible. I knew there was no way we could have fleas because I had not seen any fleas on my dog and at the time I had a crawling baby and a three year old. If we had fleas in the house the children would have had bites.
My vet interned with us when I was working and we liked her so much we told our boss vet that HE HAD TO HIRE HER. She has since bought the practice and all the vets that work for her are amazing, each in his/her own way.
Gotta love 'em.
Such good news that you have found a vet you like, it's just so important. I love my vet for the person he is as well as being a good vet. He goes the extra mile for his patients. Pretty well available 24/7 between him and his offsider. When age has taken a dog he preps at the clinic, sent my dog home with me and came to my home where he laid on the floor with us and my dog while sending her off with all stroking her.
Being a small rural town we are so fortunate to have lucked upon such a lovely and competent man.
You know I think we need a vet that we have trust and have a good relationship with. This is a must, so never stay with a vet where this is not happening. You are trusting your dog's best interest with the vet.
There have been times when a vet has been a very important part of decisions we have to make.
I need a vet that will not get offended when I ask questions or express concerns regarding a treatment plan. My vet has to include me in. Fortunately there are more and more of these vets about nowadays.
I feel very sad that there is a trend generated by social media to totally disrespect the vetinarian profession. The vets are very highly qualified, don't get me wrong there are some poor quality vets, but I have found many compassionate, excellent vets.
We have to remember that social media information can be Joe down the street, with no training or qualifications. We have to work with our vet.
My vet understands I will not vaccinate yearly. He understands I will try to find an alternative to long term meds, he will work with me on that and will help me. But he also knows that if this is the best option I will take it.
We all need something different from our vet, some people like the vet to be in charge it gives them confidence, they may find my vet soft because he is inclusive to the owner. There is a vet for everyone out there and we need to find the vet that suits us. We need a great relationship,with our vet.
Sorry a bit of a rant but I am feeling sorry for the vets at the moment
Very happy for you Willie, good vets are a true treasure through the good and the bad. When we had to put Sparky down the whole vets office was in tears and followed his body out to our car and stood there in a close group as we drove off. later we got a sympathy card signed by every one there and tear stains could be seen on the card. We consider our selves blessed to have them. They also are the vet for the N.O. police dogs as well as the local shelters.
My vet interned with talks about another guidance for puppies. In this motion depiction we talk about socialization, nail trimming, clearing teeth, taking care of hands, mouth, and ears.

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