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When I was looking up guidelines on how to cut dog nails and how often a year or so back they all seemed to agree that generally it needs to be done once a month and you can tell when you hear a click clack when they walk on a hard smooth surface. But the problem is Kep's nails seem to grow fast according to those guidelines. Kep's nails need to be done every two weeks or so. Could there be any reason as to why this is? Genetics? Too much calcium? The surfaces he normally walks on don't wear down his nails as fast as other surfaces?
My collies nails click clack when they walk on tile but looking at them I don't consider them too long. A couple of months ago I had both dog's nails clipped when I was at the vet. It was the first time Tasha's nails were clipped and she was 2 years, 9 months. And it was the first time I had Mattie's nails trimmed since I adopted her (18 months). Now you are making me wonder if I waited too long before getting them trimmed.
Dogs' nails grow at different rates, just like people. Diet and health issues affect how fast they grow and the length of the quick affects how short they are cut. If you cut them back more often, then the quick retreats, so they can be cut shorter.
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Is fast nail growing a good thing that means he's healthy?
This is a question I am always pondering as I hear that so many people cut nails quite regularly. I go through all the conditioning with my pups and dogs so they accept grooming easily but there is never anything to cut other than trimming the dew claws . Quicks are short, nails are as short as can be and their nails are a long way from touching the ground. It was the same with all my previous dogs.
Inside the house they are on terracotta tiles. Outside they are on cement pavers or grass and on walks it's usually dirt roads. Only when dogs become quite senior (over 12) have I needed to pay attention to nails. I kind of suspect it is to do with the surfaces. ????
I trim my dogs nails every 2 weeks. It doesn't matter if I use a clipper or a dremel they grow that fast. The boys have white nails so it is easy to see the quick through the nails. Zoe's are black but I can tell how much they have grown.

Our soil is sandy and soft so it doesn't wear down the nails at all. In the winter if they are long they break a nail here and there. 
Wood floors and the tap, tap, tap always let's me know when my time is up. I can get them shorter with a dremel and the dogs don't mind it. IMO it can take a little longer at first but it's worth it.

Long nails on dogs can cause many problems. It changes the way they walk and the dew claw can curl and grow into the skin. Trimming nails is very important.

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Thanks everyone! Yeah, I've heard of all those problems. It can cause great discomfort when they walk and there was another problem that I can't remember right now. It would be rather dumb to make them go through those things especially because it's easily preventable.
I haven't personally trimmed Ember's nails in the 1.25 years she's been with me... I know when she gets groomed the groomer does it, but that hasn't been in probably 5 months now. I feel ashamed... but on the side note, she isn't complaining? I might take her to the vet to see if they can do it real fast.

Ember is missing a due claw and another claw on separate feet.
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I would agree it varies from dog to dog and varies within the life stage of the dog sometimes.
I have rarely needed to trim the back nails, and only occasionally maybe every couple months tip the front.
Fast growing nails can be because there are plenty of nutrients that the nails need, but there are also other reasons for nails to grow fast. Quality of nails is a better indicator of health, but still not really accurate.
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