BC pup peeing everywhere

So my almost 6 month old BC puppy drinks a lot of water and pees a lot (inside an outside the house). We potty trained him and was good for a while. Then suddenly, everything went south. I took him to the vet cause it made no sense to me. They did a bunch of tests on him and he is healthy, so I am still out of an explanation. About crate training, I don't really have space to fit a crate of that size home...
In the mornings when we wake up (he sleeps in my room), he runs to the door, I open it, he potties and comes back inside. The rest of the day he may do it inside, outside or wherever he feels...

Any suggestions?
Sorry to say but you may have to go back to the basics and take your pup out every hour and a half hour after every drink.
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I would visit your vet, rule out a UTI, and mention the excessive drinking. When you phone discuss the problem to see if you should bring in a pee sample
Both my boys seemed to drink a lot at certain periods and both started to digress with toilet training as they entered adolescence. I feel it was the onset of territorial marking, a perfectly natural albeit undesirable behaviour. It really is very annoying when they start this nonsense. Mine are trying to mark each others food bowls at the moment so I have to be very prompt in picking up bowls. Jasper the eight month old started this first and now Max the 20 month old is also doing it. They will even try to pee where the other dogs bowl was when I have picked them up.

I think LB is right, you need to go back to the beginning and be more vigilant with supervision. I am currently having to do this with mine particularly after meals as the bowls are the target. I have had 2 males before and not experienced this problem and I think it is perhaps because they are both so young.
I have found that although you are starting at the beginning again it doesn't take long at all to get things back on track. It only took a week or two to get Jasper back on track except for the food bowl thing, but we will get there.
What the above have said. Also, if the vet says he's healthy after UTI/kidney checks, I would start limiting his access to water (find out what is necessary for health and only leave that much down, pick it up at night, etc).
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Nothing to eat or drink in this house after 8 pm also used a spray to get rid of the pee scent so the pups not attracted to the smell really helped with the 12 week old pup he's been clean and dry in the house for about 2 weeks now and just starting to sleep through the night now

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