New Scarf
My sister made this for Kep.
[Image: 20170328_102541_zpsckkqm5hk.jpg]
[Image: 20170328_102551_zps10c9thni.jpg]
[Image: 20170328_112352_zps0f31g6iz.jpg]

I like the nice spring green color. Makes me wish for those nice warm spring days. I know it's almost here but I can't wait for winter to be done for the year.
Good looking Kep! Nice looking neckercheif! It's almost 80 here today, enjoy your snow while you can LOL!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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There's not too much snow on the ground anymore it's just cold and wet (my least favorite combo...) All the snow on the ground is really icy and slippery and the temps are staying in the 40's (8ish C) I'm looking for a nice spring day in the mid 60's (20 C?) not ready for summer yet! Tongue
The color looks good on him. 

This is probably the worst time of year for anyone who has snow in the winter months. Snow melts and turns everything to mud. Mud and dogs make for a not so clean house. 

We have been in the 40's for a while now with some rain mixed in. Wednesday night and all day Thursday we are suppose to get snow again. Just when things were starting to dry up too.  Dodgy

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[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Kep is looking very stylish. We are welcoming Autumn and so glad to see it arrive. Summer has been horrid, we have been in drought for a long time yet still we have the humidity. We just had our first rain for 6 months and a cyclone to our north promises to bring another week of rain. Everything has gone from dry, brown and crispy to lush green. Hopefully we won't have too much winter frost to brown it all off again. Jasper was fascinated by the torrential rain. He is 8 months old and has never seen it before. The boys ran and played in it and once exhausted just layed out in it. Hmm, perhaps they were getting in touch with their Scottish Highland roots.
It's also reversible with white on the other side.

Ugh, snow at the end of March is awful. Hope you can get some warmer temps soon after so it all melts away. Trifan, glad you're getting some cooler temps. Low 40's C sounds absolutely awful. Temps in the mid 60's F (upper teens C) is where it's at! Cool
Kep looks great! We're having high 80s and dry, so the grass is crunchy and the fire danger is getting up there.
Gotta love 'em.
Kep looks very handsome!  Our weather has been nice so far but will be getting too warm soon.  We had a new swamp cooler installed yesterday.   At least indoors we will be ready for the heat!
The extreme heat is tough. Glad you're prepared T&MM! Everyone, make sure to stay cool in these upcoming summer months! Unless you live Down Under, then enjoy your cooler months and relief from the heat! Big Grin

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