pirozhki, the red border of japan!
i haven't posted in a few months due to life getting busy, but everyone here was so helpful when i struggled with my first young puppy. here he is months later, happy and healthy and much better behaved!! haha.

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I have been wondering how you were going, it's so great to hear from you. Great photo's, he is a little cutie.
What a cute little kid!  I love his spotted nose.   Heart
Welcome back! Glad to hear you're both doing well! Potty training going alright and getting along with the ferrets? He has really grown since your last update.
So good to hear from you. I was wondering as well. He is growing into a very handsome dog. Thanks for the update.  Big Grin

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Welcome back! What a sweetie! So glad it is all working out, was thinking about ya last week and wondering!
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Glad to hear from you! He sure does look good.
Gotta love 'em.
Wow! He looks fantastic! Gorgeous and very, very happy!

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