New puppy, old dog
As most of you are aware I am feeling really broody for a pup
My concern is my old girl May.   I have only ever bought pups in when my present dogs were max 9 years.  I found this gave a new lease of life to them.
What are your experiences with a geriatric dog and bringing in a pup.  Don't hold back.
After hearing Denise talk about significantly younger dogs attacking older dogs (to kill) without showing any true aggression any other time in life... I would be concerned about this. It came up in the conference Ember and I went to. I don't know if it's a breed specific thing or a personality trait that causes it.

I don't have any experience, but I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I would like to know if that is a true concern.
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It's a tough one because I think it very much depends on the individual dogs temperament and their ability to assert themselves. I have not actually owned 2 dogs in this situation myself but have experienced the situation with a friends dogs. My friends 3 dogs were mentors for my last 3 pups in respect to spending time together for socialisation and honing doggy language. Tipper, who only recently passed was a ACD who was confident in asserting himself in a calm and stable manner. Tipper had many disadvantages. Not only was he old but also had a front leg missing for many of his last years which added to the pain of arthritis in his shoulder. In spite of his issues he was able to well and truely make his position known. He was tolerant of the pups attentions and attempts to engage however as soon as there was any disrespect he could let them know to back off with an eye followed by lip curl if needed. He did not have the ability to follow through with any speed should the pups ignore his warning but he was nevertheless able to maintain order and respect from the pups. Max was about 12 months old when he figured out that Tipper could not get up in a hurry and he did cheekily attempt to push the boundaries. At this point human intervention supported Tippers right to be left alone and Max quickly learned. This is where I think individual circumstance comes into play. If your lifestyle is such that you can offer adequate backup to the older dog that is great but if this is not possible I would have concerns for what a cheeky little pup might put an older dog through or what a stressed senior might do if pushed too far.

For me personally I would probably take the chance. I am home pretty much all the time and if not the dogs are crated. My mindset and stage of life is such that I can afford the dogs a majority of my attention and supervision. If I worked outside the home or had a young family who needed my time and attention I might think differently about being able to give the dogs the supervision they need. The relationship would be an evolving one, influenced by not only the seniors ability to set boundaries but also your ongoing training.

From what you have said in the past May has had no trouble assertive herself with Draco so perhaps she is a confident girl who will be able to set boundaries just like Tipper did. You also have Draco as a focus for a pups attention which would be better than a senior and a pup only.
Thanks Trifan
May is a typical bossy assertive BC girl. She has a very playful side to her. She has accepted many visiting Australian shepherds of various houses.
As you know I don't have unsupervised puppies. Pup will be crated when I am not around
If May is a crabby girl, then I would think about not giving her reason to be crabby all the time, but if she likes other dogs and doesn't mind meeting strange dogs, I would go ahead and get a pup. To me, the biggest issue is how much time a pup takes. Does May need your time?
Gotta love 'em.
Good points to consider GM
Oh QD I know what you are going through. I have been wanting another for a while myself. 

Pax will be 3 this May and Zoe turned 12 in Oct. Zoe has never really taken to Pax but he LOVES her. Pax will do anything just to lay near her or on our walks to be able to walk next to her. 
Zoe has always loved all the pups we have brought into our home and all dogs she has ever met. It's only Pax that she has been like this with. 

I'm not sure if it was her age when introduced to him or what it was. Because of her lack of enthusiasm with him I can't get another pup until Zoe leaves us. I feel it would be so unfair to her not to be able to live her last years as happy as she can. Having to put up with another pup probably isn't on her bucket list.

Zoe, like May, has always been a confident girl. Even now when the boys are doing something she feels they shouldn't, she will give them the signal to stop. That can range from jumping up on someone, playing to ruff with kids, etc. Once reminded I have it under control she is fine. 

I am not afraid she would ever hurt a pup but in respect of her age I know I have to wait before bringing another pup home. 
It's often very hard until I remember all she has given me and that makes it all OK.

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Only borders that is exactly it. I have no concerns regarding the pup. My concerns is making Mays life stressful in anyway. Logically I think she is happy now, why risk it.
It is just me being selfish and should wait. Then it saddens me that I get a puppy by losing my May
I totally get it. 

My plan will be as I have always followed, I hope. When I lose one dog, no matter what the age, I have always waited minimum 2 years before getting another. In my mind that gives me time to grieve for the loss and to get a new routine going with the dogs I have left. 

Then when I am sure the remaining dogs are all doing well it's time for me to shake things up with a new pup.  Wink   I have tried it with 2 and the house seems empty. It has to be 3 or more always. 

As badly as I don't want Zoe to leave us I would very much like a pup. Seeing all the new puppies everyone has now kills me. 
Zoe is the oldest dog we have had since 2005. All of our other dogs have gone to the rainbow bridge at a young age. That is another reason she deserves not to have to put up with the antics of another pup. 

I hope Zoe and May have healthy long lives. As for us, we will go on brooding.  Undecided

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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I've been suffering from puppyitis for about 3 years now, but I'm in the same boat. I don't want to upset my golden oldies either, though I don't wait long to get a new pup, if the timing is right and the right pup turns up. I really like having 3 dogs. Two is too few. Four is doable. But now, five is right out.
Gotta love 'em.

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