Ember's Giant Heart
I have this thing for rescue videos. My favorite by far are the Hope For Paws ones based out in California (my brother lived out in LA for a year and a half, and I got to visit him once, so I have a very vague idea of the area to boot).

Ember has always been "reactive" to hearing dogs barking/crying. Vet, dog park, neighbors - she would go into meltdown mode of slinking off, ears back, panicky pacing. I would watch these videos either muted, super quiet, or with headphones on.

I wasn't really thinking today, and started their newest video out of curiosity.

It was this group of tiny puppies that had to be dragged out of a cave in order to be secured. Of course, the puppies screamed. I jumped a little, and looked up.

Ember is looking at my laptop, ears forward - and her face was super soft. Interested but not intense, like she was trying to show whatever she was hearing that it was all okay. I invited her up and she curled into my side and watched the screen. At first she lost interest because there wasn't much to see (a lot of the rescuers digging and such), but then they got another puppy, which started crying. Ember sat up and started sniffing towards the screen, then wrapped her paws around my arm and tucked her head into my elbow to watch.

She watched the entire video with me and snuggled. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen her do. She genuinely cared about the dogs in the video.

I wish I had videoed HER but it caught me off guard and nothing was nearby to film with.

Here is the video.

[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
Oh Lordy ! That was emotional. I want that last little runt, he made me cry. I wonder if Amber was sensing your emotions equally with the cries of the pups. My boof headed boys just sat by me at the computer as though they couldn't even hear the pups LOL
I want one of them so bad! Yes, I love their videos. She sensed something LOL! I've never seen her so even kill with the sounds of crying dogs. It has always completely undone her and it's not something I've worked on decensitizing either. Weird! Cool, but weird!

Boys don't care about emotions LOL!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
She's a different girl now, her confidence appears to grow by the day. I guess the sounds of distress are disconcerting for a more unsure and fearful dog ( the old Ember) but now she has trust in you that no matter what is happening, you have her back. I think it is just another little sign of how far she has come. It is really quite beautiful.
My boys were very upset by the screaming puppies. I had to turn off the sound after #3. Gideon has always been very sensitive to small children and puppies. You could tell he thought they were being hurt. I think Micah was only upset because Gideon was upset.
Gotta love 'em.
Aww, that got me all emotional. Kep came over whenever he heard one of the pups crying to make sure everything was alright. Oblivious to the pictures though and was looking at the speakers whenever he came over.
Obi and Pax love watching videos of dogs. Pax seems to "get it" more than Obi.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Izzy got upset over the pups crying as well, but once I reassured him that everything was fine, he went back to sleep.

What an emotional video...oh wow.
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