When my daughter was small, she was climbing around on the bales of hay in the shed when she suddenly popped out and told me there was a king snake in the hay shed. I queried her about the colors and she remembered correctly, so I didn't worry about her misidentifying it, but I still didn't want to be grabbing a bale of hay and surprising a snake, so I still had to unload the whole shed and find and relocate the snake. She was right, it was a beautiful king snake.
Gotta love 'em.
Here is a video of work te wife made a few years ago plenty of wild life down here
Cappy, if you do a full reply, you can use the video button to show your video in the post. Smile
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Wonderful video, Cappy!  I think I need to visit your little part of the world.

Many years ago my husband was managing the building of a prison in Washington state.  I took the kids to visit and there were pelicans!  I had never seen a pelican and they look so clumsy but I was really impressed at how graceful they were, a couple of flaps of their wings and they were airborne.

I like these goofy spoonbills they are unusually pretty

See what I mean by goofy lookin??
Cappy, I would love to see spoonbills.  Do you know, are they pink because of their diet like Flamingos? Or are they naturally that color?

A couple more creatures we have in our part of the world.


Turkey Vultures.  You can see the poor rabbit that they are planning to clean up.  I call vultures the "clean up crew".   Any roadkill will be gone in a matter of hours.  The reason they are all facing the same direction is because we had high winds that day and they are facing into the wind.


Bighorn Sheep.  We don't have these near the house.  With his job my husband has access to remote areas and I was able to photograph this group near a transmission tower.
Those spoonbills look rather pretty in that flock of theirs. At first I thought they were flamingos. Tongue But flamingos don't live around there, do they? TMM, those turkey vultures look so silly in that line of theirs. Almost as if they were forming their own parade.

Once we had some deer take the apples off our apple tree and another time it was the neighbor's horses. Pretty amazing though when out of nowhere some horses come to snack on the apples on your apple tree. We've also had times when there were animals raising their babies under out shed. Once it was ground hogs and another time it was bobcats and I think we've even had foxes under there too (not completely sure on that one though.) I've heard stories of black bears and rattlesnakes in the area too but never actually seen them. What's always fun though is finding these little guys.

I've also had an encounter with a mole that found its way inside. (This story is a little creepy though...) I was able to catch it so I decided to bring it outside the house where it wouldn't bug anyone. A day later I found it living in our basement again so I decided to catch it again and this time bring it down the road and past the river so it couldn't possibly find its way back to out house. Well, the mole was hiding behind our freezer and across from the freezer was a bunch of food storage containers with a mouse trap between them (the kind that brings a quick end...) But this mouse trap had just caught a mouse so there was no way the mole could get hurt. But this gross little mole would run from the freezer and start EATING the dead mouse. If eating the dead mouse wasn't enough the mole wasn't just eating the mouse but chewing through its skull and eating its brain. 4320 I still deciding to catch it and release it past the river. So I took a bucket and when the mole went over to eat the mouse's brain THWAP! I put the bucket over the mole. EXCEPT I missed by an inch and crushed its neck. I was an accident, I wanted to release it... I guess that's what it gets for being a zombie mole though.
Nature isn't always cute and fairy tale like is it? That is a cute, little toad. We occasionally get a toad/frog after it rains. Last time I saw one I had to keep the dogs away for fear that they would harm it.

Our Turkey Vultures don't usually act that way and I was glad to get a photo of them all lined up, they usually scatter as soon as a car comes near.
We have a lot of turkey vultures and as long as they stay away from the house I don't mind them. It's when they land on the roof or multiples fly over very low I get concerned. I then start the search fro what is dead and where. 

Yesterday I found a dead skunk, bird and not sure what else but it had brown fur. I dumped them in the middle of the field and the vultures had dinner. 

On a happier note, the fawns, are or should, start to be born soon. It's so much fun watching them run around and play.

Have you ever had a dog go after a toad? They release a venom when the dog mouths them and it causes the dogs mouth to "foam" and they drool. If it happens it helps if you hose out their mouths gently to get the venom out. 
I had one dog who never learned his lesson about toads. The toads in our area aren't highly venomous. 

More info about toads. http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/toxi..._toxicosis

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