I certainly didn't mean to hijack this thread here is something alot tamer a deer out for a stroll along the bayou.

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That is a bit more Disney like. Pretty photo!
Tarantula, I have lived in the desert for 15 years and this is only the third one I have seen.


In spite of how big they are I don't find them scary.  They move really slow and seem to just want to get where they are trying to go.
We dont have tarantulas or scorpions here in the soggy south but we have bananna spiders which we love when the dew is on their webbs they shine like strands of diamonds we leave them be unless they block a major math then we try to relocate them. We love seeing their webs full of skeeters too.
How big is a banana spider?  When I was a teen my mom let me visit some family friends in Hawaii.  While everyone was at work I went into the bathroom and on the wall just above the toilet was a cane spider as big as my hand.   I screamed and slammed shut the bathroom door.   Frantic  Thankfully, there was a second bathroom in the house.   Tongue  When the dad got home from work I told him of the monster that had taken over the bathroom and he went in, scooped up the spider in his hands, and deposited it outside. 

I'm careful with spiders except Black Widows.  We have hundreds of them here and I don't like them.
Banana spiders are about 3-4 inches across. Their body is 1-1 1/2 inches long. They make massive webs across pathways and eat their body weight in mosquitoes. I love them as long as I don't run into their web with my face. We always carry a stick when we're riding to knock down the webs across the path and we make the tallest rider go first...heehee.
Gotta love 'em.
The banana spiders are really pretty and harmless cept for as mentioned they tend to block paths with big sticky webs. We always carry a stick out and infront of us when hiking or hunting.
Banana spiders look very interesting.  I tend to not be afraid of anything that won't harm me.

I killed one of these today.   Cry

.jpg   Western Whiptail.jpg (Size: 143.66 KB / Downloads: 37)

Western Whiptail

I smashed him in the garage.  I didn't see him as I pulled in.  He must have gotten frightened from the noise of the car and ran right under the tire.  I love seeing them in the garden and was so sad for him.
Wow, it has a pretty tail.

We've had some different birds nest in our garage at different times. Alway fun to see them fly out the moment you open the garage doors. Once we found a cat that we decided to take care of until we found its owner. Coincidentally it was at the same time a bird was nesting in our garage. It didn't end well for the birds (as you can probably imagine) but at least we got the cat back to her owner.

And as of recently there have been a couple coyote attacks on dogs in the area within the last week or so. You can hear them in the woods at night. Them plus the strange sounds the pigs down the street give off at night sends a shiver down my spine.
We had a couple of bird nests around the eves of the house.  One year I kept finding dead baby birds that had fallen out of the nest, it was heartbreaking.  

I know someone who had a coyote climb over her wall (we don't have fences in the desert, we have walls made of concrete block) to try to get to her puppy.  Fortunately, her adult dogs were in the yard and chased away the coyote.  When I had my GSD I would often let him out by himself but I don't allow the collies out alone, I'm too afraid of coyotes.

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