Yesterday when I got home I went out back and heard a lot of commotion. There was Mr and Mrs Goose and 3 female turkeys. 
I often see lots of wildlife around and didn't think much of it. The goose was making such a racket I grabbed the binoculars to see what was going on. I assume it was the male that was going after the 3 turkeys. he didn't want them anywhere near his Mrs. 
The turkeys were not going easily and coming at him with their pointed little toes. He never backed off and finally drove them away. The he and the Mrs wandered off into the swamp.

Today when I got home I was taking the dogs into the lower field and stopped quickly. There has been a dead skunk there for a couple weeks now and not even the scavengers bothered it. 
So today I see a young eagle eating the skunk and a crow challenging the eagle. they danced around for a while with each other then the eagle decided he was done with being bothered. He picked up the skunk and flew to the next field over. He ate his fill then the vultures came and finished. 

Here are a couple pictures of the eagle and the crow. I took these through a window when I got back in the house with the dogs when we retreated so as not to get in the middle of something. 

.jpg   P1170433 (640x480).jpg (Size: 286.66 KB / Downloads: 103)

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Does anyone else have any funny/weird wildlife stories?

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Wow, that's pretty amazing! I can only imagine what a skunk dead for weeks smells like. Must be relieved that the eagle took it away. Great pics btw!

Before the winter, I was fooling around outside with Kep and gathering acorns. There's a tree in our side yard with a small hole in it that I was trying to toss the acorns into. Well after getting five or so acorns in (it was rather hard actually) I heard a strange noise coming from the tree. So I found a stick I could poke in the hole and an angry squirrel came and poked its head out and swiped it's claws at the stick that was in its home. Blink Oops my bad. Sorry Mr. squirrel.

Second pic is from an app the can put cool filters on your pics
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Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
We've been having possum issues just lately. A possum broke into the chicken coop and would NOT be convinced to leave. Another one has been raiding our recycle bin(there's nothing in there, he just rattles everything and freaks out the dogs) and tried to come in the front door a couple nights ago.
Gotta love 'em.
No real wildlife story here, but I had to say I love all the pictures. But an eagle! How cool!
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Many years ago when I was a newlywed my husband was working on a bridge in Illinois (out in the middle of nowhere)  and he had to shut down the project during nesting times for the eagles.  I used to drive out to the project and take him lunch and one day rounded the corner on the gravel road leading to the bridge and there was an eagle sitting in the middle of the road.  I stopped the car and just watched until it flew away.

Here in southern Nevada we have lots of wildlife.  Here are a few of our creatures.


My daughter's cat paying attention to a Horney Toad she caught (and released a day later).


Silly wild turkeys.  They love to wander into the middle of the road and make the trip to the grocery store more interesting.


The reason you don't want to go barefoot outside in the desert.
The eagle population up here has increased dramatically over th past decade or so and that's just fine by me! We ran across this guy having a dead deer for breakfast on the shore of Lake Superior a while back. I think he was starting to get irritated with me so I didn't stick around as long as I would have liked. Did you ever wonder how eagles, crows and the like can eat dead stuff off the road and not get sick??   4320

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Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
When Pax was just a pup, maybe 3 1/2 months old, we were all out in the front of the house and an eagle came flying at us really low. We were close to a garage so we ducked inside. Luckily Pax was close by and we picked him up. I'm not so sure he would be around today otherwise. 
I think the eagle saw a quick lunch and was going to take it to go.

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No wildlife to speak of here. However last spring we did our usual visit to my parents. I had just let Keller out on one side of the house. When I heard a big WOAH in unison. I glance out the patio doors opposite side of the house. The biggest bear I have seen yet in my parents yard. I could not wish harder for Keller to recall faster than his usual dopey lope.
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Scary Keller.

I remember a few years back I still had my GSD, it was our first winter in Canada.
We were out walking when Bruno and May lifted a jack rabbit and a chase persued. Sat up on a rise was a huge coyote who watched this unfold. My dogs managed to push the jack rabbit right into the coyotes path who then took over the chase.

We will not go into when my dogs got skunked!!!
Or the passion Carter had for porcupines. He actually lost his privilege of being off leash permanently
I got to meet an eagle at a Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor a few years ago. 

Martin Tyner and his eagle, Scout.  


Mr. Tyner runs a wildlife rescue in Utah.

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