Dog started barking at night
Nettle, now 17 month has a few barks when we go to bed, she is in a crate in the kitchen. She has been crated since 8 weeks old and never been an issue. Now just after we go up stairs she barks. She done this a few months ago but stopped after a few days of us ignoring her. Nothing has changed at home, she is well walked/ trained/ exercised/ stimulated plus she was flat out on the sofa 10 mins earlier. Any ideas why she does this? 
Through the day I can put her in the kitchen while I'm tidying in another room and she doesn't make a sound so I don't think it's anything separation anxiety related. 

Thanks jonny
My dog does this too - he listens out for cats and foxes and it is really irritating. Worse in the summer because the animals are prowling and windows are open.
Probably can hear something far away

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