developing a bad habit???
Hi everyone, so we have a nearly 6 month old border collie male - and need to ask for some advice on his new 'obsession'....

so, our pup is really really really into watching leaves blow in the wind in our garden - he can literally stay out there for hours waiting for them to blow so he can use his paws to stop them... so my question is .... is this ok or could this develop into a bad habit?

I myself dont see much wrong with this... he doesnt chase cars, or birds or anything.. we can be walking down the road (on a lead) and he will not even flinch or anything if a car goes past us or a bird .. i also think its ok because its giving him something to do... channelling his herding instincts into something else, keeping his mind occupied etc etc. BUT.. my partner thinks this behaviour might become a problem.....

so i just thought i would ask advice, because if it is a bad habit, then we can try and nip it in the bud

p.s. the puppy isnt left out  on his own all day, both my partner and i take him for walks, throwing frisbee and ball and so on, and also train him loads engaing with him inside the house too (he is still a puppy so he still is getting lots of training..stand, 'go through' etc) and search games, so i dont want people to think this leaves chasing is a lack of us engaging with him.. but when i am working at home, the door is left open so he can come and go as he pleases

also, we have rabbits too, and this stop him circling their pen 24/7

thanks in advance!!
Sorry but this is obsessive, I would want to break this.
I would do several things, have the dog "play" something else, shake it up.
Do not leave the pup unsupervised so he can continue to engage in this obsession.
I would build up my focus work to this level of distraction.
You might think I am being melodramatic but I have seen BCs get so into their obsession they are completely and unhealthily absorbed.
I also would want to break this habit. If it isn't already obsessive it may well become so and OCD can be an awful problem for a dog. It can seem all very innocent to start with, some might say cute or funny but then becomes a terrible problem. He's young, you should be able to nip this is the bud.
I agree. Any behavior that seems like it is obsessive should be avoided with Border Collies. They have a tendency towards OCD and allowing OCD is never a good thing.
Gotta love 'em.
thanks everyone, i shall try and put a stop to this then!

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