What type of BC?
Apparently there used to be more then rough and  smooth collie dog these pictures up on the web look fairly . What type would your bc be?

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Mine would be Northumbrian I think.
I think Rambo would be Northumbrian as well
I think mine would be Nap.

I don't know, I see a bit of all of them in Kep. I mostly see Nap but I also see the other two too.
Maybe a mix of Nap and Northumbian? She's got the Nap look but the Northumbian build (shorter legs, broader from chest to hip).

[Image: IMG_0367.jpg]
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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Northumbrian all the way
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Wiston Cap looks closest to Bronwen I think as she's fluffier than Nap, although her Mum looks Northumbrian type
If you look into the history, each of these has a description of personality traits too. Both of mine look more like the Northumbrian, but one acts more like a Nap. They aren't types like smooth and rough. They were the most common old lines based on where they were bred or the stud dog that was really favored. In the UK, you are more likely to find dogs that actually fit into one group or the other. Here, in the US, we are more likely to have dogs that are a mix of any or all of them.
Gotta love 'em.

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