BC using toes to hold things
So I've noticed on several occasions our pup using his toes to hold things better rather then just keeping items in place for chewing by holding with the whole paw. Has anyone else noticed this with their pups? Is this an example of BC brain power or is this often displayed in other types of dogs as well?

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Yep, mine does this as well. He'll also use his paws to stop a ball from rolling if I'm rolling it on the ground to get his attention.
Mine do that, as well as use their legs and paws to help catch items. They are multi use tools.  Tongue

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Yes Both Draco and my Golden were very Footsie
Gideon has always had this cat-like streak. That's just one of the things he does. He will also reach out and snag your hand or arm for scratches. He head bumps. He washes his paws, legs, and face like a cat. And he likes to perch on the backs of our chairs and couch.
Gotta love 'em.
Nope he's all about the mouth. He loves catching so much he decided if you try to balance it on his head he didn't just dump it off he automatically flipped  it up and caught it. No prompting nothing. He also decided with just the right flick of tongue and thrust of chin he can roll a ball back to you.

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