Confidence Boosters?
A few weeks ago I scheduled Kep's neuter appointment and I must admit, I'm a little terrified. First off he has a bit of a people problem, he doesn't like/is scared of new people. This leads to barking and backing away which people find scary... Another reason that I'm frightened is that they're going to have him overnight so the vets can make sure he's alright after the surgery. The actual thought of him staying overnight isn't what bugs me (he is crate trained after all) it's that he'll be in a new environment that he doesn't know with people that he doesn't know and will most likely be scared of and I will be half an hour away at home and he'll have nothing familiar with him for comfort.

I've been doing my best to fix this "people problem" but it doesn't help that there's no public place within walking distance that consistently has people. I've recently been reminded that I am Kep's confidence and if I have none then he will most certainly have none. Looking at myself I can see that this may very well be a reason and one of the hold-ups for this problem. So my question is does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to build confidence in a not so confident/introverted/generally anxious person so he can help his dog build confidence? Blush
First, trust the vet! They should know how to handle him Smile

Second, get a blanket and leave it in your bed with you for a few nights. Send that blanket with him so he has something with your sent. They should allow him to have something like that in his kennel.

I totally get leaving them alone - its very hard! You'll get there. He's going to be too out of it after his surgery to care I think Tongue
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Thanks. I'll ask them if I can do the blanket idea.
Did your vet tell you why they need to keep Kep overnight?  I have never had any of my pets stay overnight at the vet for spay or neuter.  One of my dogs had cryptorchidism and even he was allowed to come home the same day.   Have you asked your vet what staff will be there overnight to watch Kep?  It might seem like a silly question but I remember hearing a story where it was recommended that a pet stay overnight after surgery and when the owner asked about what staff would be on duty they were told everyone left after closing.
They say it's to make sure nothing goes wrong after the surgery. The vets we go to are actually an animal emergency hospital and they're staffed 24/7. Great resource if you have an emergency over the weekend or late at night but still doesn't stop me from worrying. Tongue
I hate to say this LB but if that was our E Vet suggesting my dog stay overnight after a neuter I would know it was only to up the bill. 

I don't understand the reason behind wanting to keep him there.

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So the overnight stay is just unnecessary pain? I'll have to talk to them about it I guess. After all it is such a small and simple surgery that I'm sure they (or any vet) do all the time. There should be no reason why it's of any concern.
With all my pets (cats too) the vet only kept them a few hours. I don't bother going home. I run errands and wait for the vet to call and tell me they are ready to pick up. With my one male it was a more invasive surgery. I dropped him off first thing in the morning and they wanted to keep him until just before closing so my husband got him on the way home from work.
Hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm definitely going to talk to them about them.
I think you will feel better if Kep is home with you. You may need a cone. My two male dogs are the only pets that ever needed a cone.

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