Alternative flea treatments
Ben was given Advocate by the Rescue kennels with no apparent ill effect. But I am unhappy about continuing with that or any other chemical treatment. The scare stories on the net probably only apply to a minority (not much comfort for those in the minority though) of dogs but what about hidden long term damage?
Anyhow he has a nibble now and then so I don't know if he has fleas. I groom each day and haven't seen anything on him. A friend has recommended Billy no Mates - a herbal supplement supposed to repel fleas but it takes time to start taking effect  I was wondering about giving him a dose of Capstar in the meantime. I have also been looking at Program as hopefully one of the less toxic chemical deterrents.
As for worms - I will be having his stool checked periodically.
Does anyone have any recommendations for 'alternative' flea control? Huh
If you are into essential oils I think there is a mix you can spray them with. Worth looking up. I feel like someone here mentioned it but I can't remember.
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