Hello from a new BC owner!
Hey! I'm new to Border Collies, but not to dogs Tongue We've had our little Louis since Saturday and he's doing great! He knows "Do a wee" and will instantly try to pee (though he has no bladder control, so it's out every 20 minutes-1 hour depending on the time of the day). He's perfected sit, and will sit and wait when you have something he wants, or when you go out of the room. He's getting "lay down" and "leave it", but he has a very short attention span, being a young pup Tongue

He has 5 close friends, 2 dachshunds, 2 yorkies and a bengal kitten (our other cats are not so sure...).  The sausages are owned by my mum's friend and the yorkies are my gran's, they're close to his age + size too, which is helpful for socialising before he gets his full vaccines. Though, he LOVES people and other dogs (I've carried him around to get him used to cars, people, other animals etc.).

I'm waiting for the awfulness to start, because right now, the worst it gets is being slightly mouthy. But even that is a quick fix with a toy. The only other naughty thing he does is shut the crate door before bedtime and hope it'll get him out of bedtime :Tongue

My previous dog was...simple, to say the least, so it's amazing to see his problem solving in action!

Welcome-group Aww, Louis is such a sweetie!
Hi and welcome
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Welcome! What a sweet family you have! Love how they all seem to get along. Precious baby!
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(04-06-2017, 03:10 PM)Ember Wrote: Welcome! What a sweet family you have! Love how they all seem to get along. Precious baby!

OMG, he sounds and looks perfect. What a cute little face. Welcome to ABC.  Action-smiley-030

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Hello and Welcome. He's an adorable little fellow !
Action-smiley-030  Hello and  Welcome-sign12 What a cutie!!!  Snoopy
Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
Hi and welcome! He sure is cute!
Gotta love 'em.

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