The Elegance of the Border
One of the things I love about Bronwen is the poise and elegance she shows so often  Big Grin

[Image: 33761656162_05af1a8181_z.jpg]

So lets see other examples of the breed's classy side LOL
Very elegant pose she's got going on there. Tongue

Here's Kep trying to be as graceful. Giggle
[Image: 20170303_090010_zpsuajbmnzo.jpg]
Quite regal dogs we have, if I do say so myself!

My goodness but I do love Bronwen's face though! She has got a great smile!

[Image: IMG_0155-e1486345045339.jpg]
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
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Great thread !!!!

Here's Ray after a long day of fetch, off leash walking and helping out in the yard.

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"A tired border collie, is a good border collie"
Love them all! Keep them coming Big Grin
Max chilling. Can you see his cute little YingYang ? LOL

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