Ember is definitely getting braver... but...
Today we hit that "2 steps forward 1 step back" marker that tells me my dog is getting generally better with Nosework.

Per an anecdote I added in my homework for nosework class...
Quote:I don't know how familiar you are with fearful dogs. Ember is considered fearful (not shut down or worse case, and situationally, but fearful none the less). So we are now encountering something I should have expected but didn't think about until today.

Part of her mentality is that when she opens up in one area, another suffers a little. 2 steps forward in one direct, but only 1 step back - so never a deficit in behavior. But we are now seeing that 1 step back.

I feel like she is crushing this nosework, and it's so beautiful to see her try! And she is getting braver with investigating things. Today we found out that she has rediscovered puppy-like chewing behavior. Never in our sight, and never where we can catch her - but I just hat to replace a $100 Apple Pen for my brother that she found. It makes me so happy that she is experimenting in other ways all of a sudden! I just wish it wouldn't be on the expensive things... The 1 step back from this is that she is suddenly jumpy again. She even got stepped on today because she darted away from where she thought I was walking right into my path. And then when Daniel found his pen he had to check her mouth (she was still chewing) and that completely undid her for about half an hour.

She is very reclusive right now and hiding away/slinking around everywhere.

Until she heard me put the memory card back in the camera - from the back of the apartment. She came FLYING into the living room all tail wags. I wasn't immediately ready, so she went right back into that slinky "mom's confusing me so I really don't want to be near her right now" mode and darting from room to room like I was after her. So I set up like nothing had changed, and when I went in the fridge for her treats, she came flying out of my room again, super happy.

So, nosework is both empowering and breaking my dog right now LOL. It should level out in a week's time, especially if nothing overly strange or stressful happens. But she may seem a little slower in videos. I'm incredibly happy with her enthusiasm to start even when she is a completely lost nutcase when NOT working right now.

We are now up to 2 containers on the floor Big Grin. 2 days ago she couldn't find ANYTHING on the floor - she was completely stuck looking at me. I spent a lot of time just showing her that there were things on the floor that was way more profitable for her than waving at me for free...

She still defaults to a wave when she is confused. But she is finally able to look down without melting when it DOESN'T work.

[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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Oh wow, that's AMAZING! Awesome job! Snoopy

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