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I'm finding I'm struggling with making her independent. She's either completely on me or not engaged at all. But right now I think it's my treat choices. We are going to try it with her dinner tonight and see what happens. I think it is because the last few times we've tried I had crumbly treats that got on the floor and it became a "find the treat" game, instead of caring about the containers. She started moving them around tryin to get under them and if there wasn't anything on the floor near them, she'd walk off or glue her eyes on me trying to get me to drop more.
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Make it very simple, And celebrate.
I have worked many dogs like this. It is a huge thing for them to make a decision, so I always make it very easy and rewarded and celebrated big. Because for these guys it is big. They need to go slow.
It will pay off.

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