I think my cat thinks he is Iron Man
Good bad kitty! This is like the week of the animals giving heart attacks! That smug yet innocent face though, so precious!
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Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
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I agree, good bad kitty. 

What s the protocol if the cat is stung?

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Sebastian has quite the satisfied look on his face, I guess today was a good hunt, I mean they are basically hunters so he was doing what comes naturally. I say good, good boy !  5" long scorpion ! Frantic That would freak me out I am sure. I am not a fan of things with more than 4 legs or no legs at all.
Yikes!! How many lives does he have left after that? Good bad Kitty is right.
Gotta love 'em.
I have had a difficult time finding information on how dangerous scorpions are to pets.  My pest control guy seems to think it isn't something to worry about.  I  used to have a neighbor that had a Cocker Spaniel that ate scorpions and never had any issues.  My vet doesn't have much experience with scorpion stings and she has been in practice for a long time so that makes me think most pets don't have issues or people would be bringing their pets in for treatment.  

Sebastian was impossible to deal with today.  He kept trying to get out to the garage so I brought out the tunnel.  It is an inexpensive tunnel purchased at a toy store and Tasha will have nothing to do with it.  Sebastian entertained himself by racing out of the tunnel and slapping the collies and then running away.  Right now he is chewing on the plastic that covers the new broom I bought today.  He is so fast and athletic.  I'm sure he just slapped the scorpion with his paw and dug his claws in.

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