Guys, I really wanna cry....

I don't know if any of you have ever had a dog that you could not play with. This was the single point that broke my heart the hardest and longest, especially as play is used in every therapy class Ember and I have taken together. I have always felt this little worry that I was never really going to break through with her - in the truest sense of the phrase - if I couldn't play with her to make her feel better.

I was sitting on the couch about half an hour ago, and felt her jump up. I looked up and and almost scared her with a yelp - she was sitting there a few feet away with this little dino toy in her mouth, looking very sweet and shy. I could almost hear her saying "Hi... um... well... I found this thing... and... wanna?"

I feel so silly getting emotional over this. I don't know if words convey it enough for you guys to understand, but this is really, really big in our house.
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Awesome, break through are always emotional, they are huge.
I feel you
A long awaited day for sure! So glad she found enough confidence to be able to enjoy herself.

It's not silly to get emotional over it! This is perhaps your biggest breakthrough. Congratulations, so excited and proud of you! Greenstars
OMGoodness!! I would have cried!
Gotta love 'em.
That is wonderful, I'm so happy for you and Ember! I am almost to the point where I don't hold my breath when I watch Mattie play with a toy. She really didn't understand what toys were for when I got her and it has been a long process to get her to play.
You have shared so much of your's and Embers journey that your words convey beautifully the significance and emotion of this moment. So, so happy for you, you are both an inspiration, thank you ! Rainbow-smiley-emoticon Lovely story to end my day with.
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I'm soooooooooo happy for you and Ember. The smallest things are usually the sweetest. I can only imagine what doors this will open for your future together.

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