Ever tried relaxing music on your BC?
There is a channel on youtube that plays relaxation music for dogs.  I have tried it on my BC Jack and it seems very effective at getting him to calm down.  It usually puts him to sleep too.  He is a very sound sensitive boy and I think he has a bit of separation anxiety too.  This music seems to help a lot.
Yeah we've tried it and it does seem to work a little.
My Golden loved classical music. The breeder would play music to the pups. It obviously made an impression.
Ember likes guitar music. I'm playing some now Smile
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My dogs seem to like the sound of my piano playing. I prefer classical on piano but also play easy listening stuff. They sometimes lay right underneath the piano or near it on the tiled floor. Maybe they like the vibrations? Just started taking violin lessons about 1 1/2 years ago. That took longer for them to get used to, lol. At least now they don't run to another room when mom starts playing the violin!
My dogs seem to love music, even relatively loud fast paced music puts them to sleep.
And when I play Miles Davis, it's off to serious noddy land.
If I play music in the house, I start dancing, so my boys are excited by music.
Gotta love 'em.
Jolie' being 9 months old has bursts of puppy play energy goes wild then its lights out for a deep nap nothing seems to effect this I notice a patern of wake up mid day and evening puppy surges separated by deep naps where she seems to drip off the furniture or looks like a tangle of not quite assembled puppy parts. So far she just keys off of us. If we dancing to teh Cajun 2 step she wants to dance too. If I am chillin to the blues blues she is in da chair chillin with me. Pretty sure its my mood she keys off of more than the music but aint tested that if I think of it I will.
Funnily enough, anytime I have country music playing, Trico is out like a light! I don't know what it is about country specifically, but it's the only genre that relaxes him. Like Gideon's Mom, with the exception of slow country, I dance with my pup to any other music, so like her, my little guy loooovesss it when he hears a melody. We even started using the tricks he's learned to make it seem like he's dancing with me, and a lot of times he'll put his paws in my hands and stay up on his hind feet!

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