How to use food rolls for treats?
I'm having a terrible time with this. Ember is on food rolls right now (Fresh Pet Vital rolls, fresh and cheapest). She ADORES this food and literally dances for it (I'm going to get a video of that tomorrow, I can't believe I haven't yet). I want to use this for training but I'm finding I can't physically handle it. After just one treat being fed it starts getting stuck everywhere - on me, on the floor, in the fur all over her body. It DEFINITELY isn't working for nosework and we will be finding other treat options. But I love her motivation for it.

So that being said, does anyone here use the food rolls as treat? If so, how? How do you manage it, how do you handle it? Or do you also make a huge mess of it?
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The food rolls I have used before were about the consistency of salami and I could just cut them into little cubes. I think they were Natural Balance, but it's been years so I'm not positive.
Gotta love 'em.
I use the Natural Balance rolls all the time for training but it isn't raw. I don't know what you could do to make the raw roll type work.

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