Hiya, I know this has been talked about a million times but I can't find the exact piece of information I am hoping for.

Has anyone had their dog castrated and found it had negative affect?
Dash is a very anxious dog and I'm worried if it would make it worse by removing the testosterone?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Part of the reasons behind considering castration are his constant humping things and constant massive erection every time he is stroked or spoken to (lol nice) and his stress aggression.
My neutered dogs hump everything and have erections sometimes. Gideon is the worst, but even my female humps things. Just keep telling them to go lie down and pretty soon they realize that if they start an antisocial behavior, they are going to have to go in a time out. It doesn't cut it out altogether, but it does decrease the frequency.

Micah went from being a very confident puppy to being very fear aggressive after neutering. He is horrible about wanting to start a fight with every dog he sees.
Gotta love 'em.
Yes my biggest markerand humpers were my girls, lol.
My least Marker and humper was my intact GSD male, go figure. Lol

How old is your Guy?

The main issue I have with fixing is it is being done way to young in places. I would prefer the dog to have reach full maturity before I would fix.

Fixing may resolve some of your problems, or it may not. It depends on the root cause. Humping has many causes, which are more than sexual or dominance and think it is a stress reliever or habit for some dogs. I also think that a dog that is over aroused in a non sexual.way can react by humping. It is a complex behaviour that I don't think we completely understand the full scope of reasons.

Again the nervousesness could be down to a dog pumping out testosterone and not comfortable with what he is "putting out there". Or could be yourbdogs temperament or experiences

If he was mine if he was still young I would wait and work on the behaviours before the become a habit, if he was fully mature I would definitely consider neutering but understand that this may not resolve some or all of the issues.

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