So you know I have a dilemma about a new pup,  
Fate may have intervene
A tracking friend of mine is puppy sitting two BC girl puppies, from a well known and respected stock dog line there is a little girl one that still hasn't got a home.
She had pics of her on FB    And to top it it all she was born on my Birthday.    Has fate intervene.   I am going to see her later today
Update, the breeder has just told us she now has a home.
Not this time for me
However I have decided to let fate take care of the when and where for now. Fate has served me well in the past
Oh that would be a great name for her! Big Grin

Yes, I'm jumping on that bandwagon lol.

ETA we posted at the same time, aww Sad But you will know when it's time!
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Aww, that's too bad. Another opportunity will show up. I must admit that it would have been pretty cool if it all had come to be.
It will, i decided to totally leave it to fate, I am glad I didn't see her first though, that would have been disappointing
It always seems to work out the way it is suppose to. That's how it has been for me. 

You will come across the right pup at the right time.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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I live in Fate, Fate TX. Would be a cool name for a BC.
Aww, yes so glad you didn't see her, that would make it hard. I love your attitude, put it out there and it will come to you in good time. I won't be pushing everyones broody buttons for a while yet as things didn't quite work out with our planned pup. Mum had a small litter of boys. There are other plans afoot but there will be a delay. Probably for the best as Jasper is still quite young and ideally would benefit from more training before a new pup arrives.
Sorry to hear that Trifan, you must be disappointed.
I guess it wasn't meant to be,
Quirky, you will know when the time is right fate works in mysterious ways ...  our old bc collapsed and died the day before we where due to go on holiday , family was broken hearted and we couldn't face returning home to an empty house so we arranged to see a litter of puppies on our return and Skye came into our lives some people criticised us  getting another dog so soon  ,but for us It was the best thing and less than a year later I suddenly decided I wanted another dog totally out of the blue that's. How jura came into our lives same people criticised us again saying we would never cope ,but you know what I can honestly say he's been a great addition both dogs have bonded Really well, and are really close, been no issues with separation anxiety or chewing the house up ,they cuddle up together and snooze when we are out ,Skye's become so much more confident especially in the car she wasn't a good traveller now she just lays beside him ,where ever she goes the puppy shadows her getting another dog was definitely the best idea I've had in a long time

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