Chewy bought by Petsmart
I'm OK with Petsmart.  They allow me to take my dogs in the store and that is really helpful when we have finished at agility class and need to pickup some kitty litter before going home.  I have also ordered online the filters for my fish tank (don't get me started on how much I have spent on a 15 cent goldfish).  For delivery of items Petsmart, again, is OK, I won't complain but I wouldn't give a ton of praise.

On the other hand, I LOVE Chewy.  Great prices, great customer service, and everything arrives really fast.  I have even ordered a few items from Chewy for a rescue I like to support since their prices are better then Amazon.  Petsmart is over the top expensive for crates, food, toys, etc.  I purchased my kitty litter there because it was convenient and didn't notice a huge difference in price.

Any suggestions for an online retailer you like?  I love being able to order online and have items delivered to the house.  I'm not confident that Chewy will retain their great prices now that Petsmart is in command.
I didn't know about Chewy. I would say watch it and see what the prices do. Sometimes these big places buy out the name but allow the traffic-driving parts to remain (and sometimes you never know that something was even bought out).

I default to Amazon so I can't help there. I actually have Litter on a Dash button lol.

Let me know if the prices stay the same because I may check out Chewy.
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