Day at the beach
Beautiful! There's nothing better than taking a dog to the beach to run. And I can't tell you just how lucky you are. Where I live, dogs aren't allowed anywhere near any of the small beaches here in the city. So one year when a friend was visiting, we rented a car for the day and drove over 4 hours to Kingston, which has a wonderful natural park and plenty of beaches on Lake Ontario, two of which are designated for dogs and their owners.

When we arrived we immediately headed to one of the dog beaches, which turned out to be fantastic...all sorts of beachline, room for any number of dogs to play and have fun. To my utter dismay, however, I later learned that the "dog beaches" had one major rule: yes, you can take your dog on the beach, but the dog must be tethered AT ALL TIMES to a leash no longer than six feet. So while the park proudly boasts two dog beaches, the rules are so limiting that the poor dogs have no freedom.

Thankfully we had arrived early - before anyone else was there, and before I knew of the restrictive rules - and Iz got to play and enjoy a wonderful romp. 

Any day at a beach with a dog is a good day, indeed. Your dogs are very lucky (not to mention, beautiful!). Smile
[Image: 24b7da04-ebe3-44ee-81cc-608ab615b402_zps55051c6f.jpg][Image: 83de47f8-0fda-4b91-9e6d-a8f2fd0b85ce_zps484a4b86.jpg]

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." ~ Will Rogers
Thanks izzysmom , that was their first visit to the beach everywhere should be dog friendly as long as their not causing havoc and being a nuisance going hill walking at the weekend so hopefully get some good pics in the highlands

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