Camping Advice?
We're off on our first camping trip with Bronwen this coming weekend (her first not ours!). The logistics of fitting her in the car as well as all our kit is hopefully sorted (roof box purchased which should give us the space to leave a seat up in the back for her). We're taking her crate and bed plus toys/ treats  so she'll feel at home. Also got a long line so she can be secured whilst still having some space to roam outside. Just to add to the things to considers she's just come into season for the first time. I have visions of her waking up half the campsite barking at every noise! Any hints/ tips to make this fun for us all as she is used to a routine, greatly received! Thanks
I'm not sure how big of a problem ticks are for you but I'd suggest be extra careful about them. I was dumb and went into the woods yesterday without bugspray and came out with ten or so ticks on me. Luckily I keep Kep current on his flea and tick medication so I only found one on him.

Other than that I'd say go and enjoy yourself! Big Grin
Have fun! I don't have any suggestions but I do want to see pictures Big Grin
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Ticks are not a huge issue she does have tick & worm meds and we do have a tick remover which I'll put in though, thanks.

Not sure how many pics I'll get as its actually a running weekend. I have 3 races in 2 days, one of which I'll be running with Bron - our first race together Big Grin
The biggest issue I can think of with her just coming in season isn't her barking. It's all the male dogs that may also be camping and the fact that many females vomit a bit on their first heat from cleaning themselves. If you are ready to deal with that, you are good to go.
Gotta love 'em.

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