Trico's (Mis)Adventures! [ New Member, New Pup ] UPDATED Photos❤
Hi guys!

I'm Lynn, and have owned Border Collies for the past ten years. Three weeks ago I brought home my very first tri-color, and I am absolutely in love with him. Both of his parents were working dogs -- one agility, the other herding sheep on a ranch. His daddy was the most gorgeous Blue Merle I've ever seen, and Mommy was a Tricolor like him! My boyfriend and I plan to start him on agility as soon as he has all his shots and when Trico's comfortable to do it -- last thing we wanna do is push him into something too quickly or put him in an environment that makes him nervous or unsure.

 Trico is by far the smartest BC I've owned to date, and I'm cherishing these months of puppy-hood -- they go away far too soon! Figured I would introduce myself and post some pictures of Trico for you guys. He just turned 11 weeks old this past weekend, and is already almost entirely potty trained, knows sit, fetch, drop it, HEY DON'T CHASE THE CAT! and just learned come! He's having a bit of trouble with lay down [ typical BC pup doesn't want to LIE DOWN when he wants to PLAY! ] but he's getting there! Already he knows to sit and wait before dinner, before I throw his ball, before he gets a puzzle toy or a goody-filled Kong, and before I open doors. 

I have to say, he's completely attached to me. I took two months off when we first brought him home so I'd be able to spend time and bond with him, and for the first two weeks he had to be right by me every minute of the day. He'd cry even when I was in the shower! Now, he's gotten better but still thinks anytime I leave the house and don't take him that I'm abandoning him or he lost his pack. Every time I come back home it's like he thought I forgot about him hahahah.

Figured I'd use this thread to keep a record of Trico's Puppyhood, as it goes by way, waaayy too fast, as we all know! Anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone, and I'm glad to have found a place to chat with other BC lovers and owners!

Trico at 8 Weeks!
[Image: ZIerAxoD.jpg]

Tired Puppy!
[Image: dTjtC8Uw.jpg]

Car Ride
[Image: fz1t2TH2.jpg]
HI and welcome! Trico is such a little cutie! And it sounds like he's on his way to becoming a well behaved pup. Big Grin
oh my goodness hes precious! Welcome!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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Hi and welcome. He is adorable !!! I'm a big fan of tri's and I also love the dark face. My youngest also has only the thinnest marking on his face.
Hi and welcome!
Gotta love 'em.
Welcome to ABC. Sooooooo cute.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Thank you all for the warm welcome~!

Indeed, he's already wormed his way into the depths of my heart. :]
What a cute puppy!  I hope you are planning to post more photos.  There is no such thing as too many puppy photos.   Big Grin
Hi and welcome
[Image: 922e7bce-ce23-427a-94d6-5cf3b6563f6b.jpg]
Welcome! Trico is gorgeous!

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