An all day rainy day with cone head
Thunder Rumbling since early this morning.  Raining off and on since early as well.  Puddles are beginning to form and one of Jolie' s favorite things is frolicking in the water puddles its a joy to watch and she has a ball but not today.  She is locked in the house we really dont think she should be frolicking in the mud and wet grass with stitches.
She'll be recovered soon but for now rest and calm supervised play is best. The outdoor frolicking will be that much more exciting when she is all healed. Smile
I'd be pouting too. Poor dear. But good call for sure lol. This too shall pass...
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Slipped her a mickie and she is now kinda chilling and looking forlornly at the door she knows its raining and wondering why the door to her playground is closed.
Definitely for the best. Puddle water and stitches do not go together. Mine never liked staying clean and dry when they had stitches either.
Gotta love 'em.
It has rained over 6 inches today and still coming down this means for at least the next 2 days are gonna have standing water in the yard. Jolie' was as patient as a pup used to playing out side could be. I just hope she stays that way.

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