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Very muddy at our place because of all the melted snow.  Outside the perimeter of our yard is a large pile of wood with rabbits underneath.  Needless to say the BCs sniffed them and started digging around the pile.  One of the BCs was so caked in mud when finally called in the house, that the white on his chest and legs could not be seen.  Bath time!!!  Since it was still chilly outside, using a hose was not an option so inside he goes.  Since this was his first bath, no problem he hopped right in.  After soaping him up he decided he did not like the tub and scrambled out.  Had to ask for husband's help to get him back in so he could be rinsed off because trying to lift close to 60 lbs. of slippery BC was not going to work for me and neither did the bribery treats that I tried to give him.  Hubby decided to use the shower to get the soap and dirt/mud washed away.  I explained that he would get water in his eyes and ears.  Hubby says that he will close his eyes.  Well he closed his eyes with the shower on, but this did not help with getting the soap off of his belly so, back to the bathtub faucet water with a large cup for rinsing.  He was fine afterward and after drying off was soooo soft.  Anyway this morning it was raining when I let both BCs out for the first time when I awoke.  The BC who had a bath/shower yesterday stepped out, got rained on and promptly wanted to come back in.  This is unusual because he has gone out in rain and even snow before with no reaction.  I figured that the feel of the rain on his back felt like the shower the night before and brought back memories of the "fun time he had taking a bath."  He was let out a couple of more before I left for work while it was still wet outside and had no problem.  It was just that initial reaction.  It sort of surprised me with his initial reaction because it seemed (to me) that he must have related to the rain falling on him to the shower.  Does anyone have any stories about their BC or other dog having an experience and relating something else to that experience?
Sort of! Ember finally reached the "thinking" stage a few months ago. I have always had her tap the box/drawer where her leash is when I ask her if she wants to go outside, hoping that she will one day figure out she can use that to ask ME instead (she doesn't ask to go out, I have to make sure we are on a schedule, trying to reverse this).

One day I hear this frantic tapping and glance up, and she's tapping at the box with her leash in it and looking at me. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a conference call for work and could NOT get up. She gave this huge sigh and walked off.

And that was the ONLY time she tried it, even though I ask her almost regularly to tap the box where her stuff is. She will not offer it again because clearly it doesn't work that way.

Darn this thinking girl sometimes...
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Well, this is a story about my GSD.  When my son was in high school he was on the debate team and they would get home very late from tournaments.  My son would call me when the bus was about 10 minutes away from the high school so I could go pick him up.  My dog, Remus, loved to get in the car with me to go pick up my son and he knew the tone of the conversation.  Someone else could call late at night and it would not get the dog's attention but if my son called Remus would rush to the door going out to the garage ready to go.

My son graduated and went away to university.  A couple of years into university my son was home and there was an event up at the high school he went to with a friend.  Late in the evening my son called me to ask me to come get him and Remus ran to the door to the garage so he could go along.
TMM, I had the same experience with one of my dogs in the past. My partner always got a lift to work with a fellow work mate who passed nearby our home. Every now and them something would happen which meant his work mate could not bring him home. There would be very little conversation as such when my partner rang but that dog would do the exact same thing as yours and get ready to come with me. It absolutely baffled me as to how she knew what the call was about but she did every time. Just as in your situation, anyone else could ring, even around the same time and even with a brief conversation. Perhaps there were key words like, "OK see you soon" or "be there shortly". I don't know, I never did figure it out LOL
Trifan, love the story.  I'm glad someone else has experienced that.  I really wish I knew what tipped him off.  

Something I thought of involving Tasha and Mattie.  I drink iced tea like most Americans drink coffee.  First thing in the morning I fix myself iced tea and if I have to go out for some reason I put it in a Starbucks cup.  I will do this if I have to take my daughter somewhere or if I want to go out to work in the garden or if I am taking the collies to the park.  Somehow they always know if we are going to the park and will circle around me and Mattie will start barking (she only barks if she is happy).  I have no idea what I do that lets them know we are going to the park.
If I pick up my purse and my BCs see me, they know there is a possibility for a car ride (one of their favorite things). The excitement is off the charts. If I forget something and have to put the purse down to go get it, I am followed very, very closely. They think I am trying to be sneaky, lol. You're not going anywhere without us mom! On rare occasions I have to leave and can't take them, the sad puppy looks you get when you ask them to stay as you open the door! Lol. Makes me feel guilty. For sure, they have associated "the purse" with car ride. Most of the time they are right.

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