Homemade Dog Food
(05-07-2017, 02:26 PM)Trifan Wrote: The whites of eggs contain several inhibitory substances. The 2 main ones are: avidin which inhibits biotin and trypsin which interferes with the pancreatic protease. The good news is that like many foods, moderation is awesome and so nutritious, it's the old "too much of a good thing" that can become problematic. I just thought 3 raw eggs in the food and then one on top was too much.

Oh boy, I wish I could get hold of rabbits for my dogs. What a wonderful complete package with the organs in tact. I would likely be cutting that bunny up into 4 quarters and feeding raw and intact LOL. Then sit back and enjoy watching them savour it. Yummo !
Thanks for the info on the egg whites! From what I'm reading online it seems they'd have to eat quite a few raw eggs each day for there to be any problems, but I think I'll stick with no more than 3-4 per week just to be safe. (BTW, the recipe I posted with the 3 eggs in it is being split between 3 dogs over the course of about two weeks so they're really not getting that much raw egg from the food. And the egg on top was every second or third day.)

Yes! We do raw rabbit quarters 2x per week but I can't make the meat last as long that way which is why we're adding in a couple cooked meals for now. Hopefully by the end of next year I'll be able to have them on mostly (if not all) raw.

(05-07-2017, 07:08 PM)Gideon Wrote: Rabbit is a very low fat meat and needs fat added or to be rotated with a higher fat meat like pork or mutton.
Funny you should mention mutton...I'm in the middle of trying to work something out with a semi-local sheep farm. Never worked with a butcher before though, do you normally have the sheep ground whole or are there certain cuts I should ask for?

I love all the feedback I get from this forum...you guys are awesome! So just to recap, if this is something I decide to add into their diet rotation I need to:
  • Rotate proteins
  • Make sure I'm getting a good fat level
  • Lightly cook any vegetables I add in
  • Back off of the eggs a bit (I probably won't put any in the food next time and just top their meals with one a couple times a week)
  • More eggshell
  • Rotate any oils I add on
  • Check into adding some other vitamins and minerals

My butchers can't grind bones and eating bones is a great way to keep teeth clean, so I usually tell my butcher to give me boneless meat from the legs and shoulder and cut everything else into 1/2 lb chunks and package in 2 lb packages. I add some boneless meat to the bone-in pieces to get the right amount. I also buy grinds from Hare Today. They are meat, bone, and organ grinds or whole carcass grinds.
Gotta love 'em.

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