Camping Trip - Follow up
What a weekend! Bronwen was an absolute star! Every fear I had (barking, bored behaviour, generally being a pain!) none were realised and she was a great dog (wish she was more like it at home - its like living in a tent, running, and lieing around whilst mummy has a beer Wink  is her natural environment LOL)
Location for camping was fab!

[Image: 33699425323_16130e46ed_z.jpg][/url]

Arrived Friday after a 3hr drive.  Things didn't start well when we arrived in 30mph winds - interesting conditions to put a large tent up in.  So we left her in the car, strapped in.  I opened the door to have her launch a licky leap at me - she'd chewed through her seatbelt harness  Dodgy So I used a long line and attached her to the car, she was fine, nice and quiet.... I know, I know, quiet when awake is not good! She'd chewed through 2 guy lines  Angry This trip was not starting well! Our camping tradition is once the tent is up, a bottle gets opened. And I felt we'd earned it! We took her a new toy, bed & bone (as well as stuff she was familiar with), and she settled! She lay on the floor, ignored the wind howling around (relatively warm and no rain thank goodness!), and dozed, had a munch, player with her toy and actually settled - something she never does at home!

[url=][Image: 34124106060_8b94336585_z.jpg]

We took a wander over to the 'athletes village' to pick up my race numbers for Saturday and she made friends with dogs and people alike, including a little lad who she was absolutely taken with and he her once I explained she hugs which is why she was trying to ump at him (she was on a short lead!).  He then spent the weekend tapping his chest to encourage her to jump up and hug LOL I should have been irritated as am trying to teach her not to jump up but they were so cute together haha

So Saturday - race day! My plan for race 1 was 2 laps (so about 13.5miles) as had another night time 10k on the same trails & woodland.  I'm in my themed kit (Mexico/ Day of the Dead), Bronwen's harnessed for her first race and we're ready for the off! (Or at least I am!)

[Image: 34509595925_d60617561b_z.jpg]

She's jumping at the lead and me much to people's amusement but then settles into it but easily distracted and the first half mile demonstrated it when she stopped then took off side ways when I was off balance - and I went over on my ankle  Cry ow ow ow - seriously 0.5miles into a weekend that was supposed to be over 30miles in total.  I could have cried! I wasn't giving up but going was slow, but scenery was fabulous
[Image: 33667358074_e34c875511_z.jpg]

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Well when we finished my ankle wasn't great and the quad of the other leg was complaining too.  The night time 'Dark Ox' was in doubt at was today's Half Marathon.  The theme for the Dark Ox is light - running through hilly woods at night!  No dogs allowed for this one so it was just me (feel free to laugh!)

[Image: 33667364814_b152289c48_z.jpg]

Awesome experience though! Seeing the lights of other runners, hearing owls in the woods, it was a real life affirming experience!  But I knew today's race would need a minor miracle for me to make the starting line up  Sad So was resigned to a DNS (Did Not Start).

Got up this morning still sore so took my timing chip back to hand in and saw the Race Director so reckoned it was worth a chance to ask if I could swap from the Half Marathon to the Light Ox and run with Bron again - and he said yes! That gave us less than 20mins to get changed and race ready but we did it!:

[Image: 34468351536_621c5a473c_z.jpg]

No photos from the Light Ox (same route as the Dark Ox last night but in the light and still 10k (6.2 miles)) but we did it.  And she was brilliant for most of it.  On Day 1 she was distracted, wanted a drink every few minutes (it was cold so not the heat) and wanted to stop and sniff everything.  To put it into perspective I ran in the dark, with a twisted ankle & quad strain 3mins per mile quicker.  Not this morning! She pulled, seemed to know when to go steady, picked routes that suited me and knew left & right on most turns.  Yes, she had her moments when I wouldn't let her play with another dog and also when she got tired (0.5 miles from the finish) where she attacked the lead but she pulled and paced brilliantly - we ran 3mins a mile quicker than I did in the dark and over 6mins quicker a mile than the day before! 

She's a sleepy happy dog, and I'm a slightly battered but happy mum.  Can't believe she's 1 next Saturday! She's still my big puppy but turning into a fab dog! Thanks for all your help, suggestions and support over the last 10 months since I've had her.  This weekend confirmed the dog I have developing and I love it and her!  Heart
Great photos, looks like a perfect way to spend the weekend. Love the photo of you all ready for the race and Bronwen flopped on the grass not looking at the camera. Reminds me of taking a child someplace and they don't want to cooperate and then end up having the best day ever.
Great pics! Sounds like you all had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing your camping adventure. So glad it all went well.
So happy for ya sounds like a good time and proves our way works.  It may not go the way ya plan and the Lord may put obstacles in ya way but you can have a wonderful time making do with what you have.
What a great read, I could feel your excitement and happiness. Sounds like you both had a fantastic time in spite of a few little set backs. Sorry, but I laughed my head off with the chewing through restraints, I can so see Jasper doing that. Thanks for sharing.
Wow!! You are tough. I never would have been able to do all that running after taking a fall and messing up my ankle.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks all, was a great weekend. I'm still buzzing today and Bron's being as good as gold at the moment so I reckon she's still tired LOL
Just seen some of the photos from the day and here we are in action:

[Image: 34530984715_12729c28d9_z.jpg]

[Image: 33688088364_c20e02b54f_z.jpg]
Looks like you two had a lovely time! Snoopy:
How fun! That looks like it was a blast! And that down in the first race picture (day of the dead) is EXACTLY what Ember does when she wants to get to something and I'm not moving. So funny! Looks like everyone had a blast! Hopefully you are not too sore now Smile
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