Took Jolie to the vet to get broke
As some of yall know Jolie' has been wearing the dredded cone for a week tomorrow here are the pictures and story.
Poor Jolie!  (and poor you).  When I got Tasha spayed she slowed down for about one day and then was ready to go.  Even the medicine didn't have any effect on her.  When I was interviewed to adopt Mattie one of my first questions was, "Is she spayed?".  Thankfully, she was and I would have still adopted her if she wasn't but I was so relieved at not having to go through keeping a Border Collie quiet through recovery again.
Awww glad she's on the mend and a great set of photos Smile Not looking forward to when we get Bron done although not worrying about being a dog grandma will be nice (she's in season for the first time at the moment so we're nervous every time a male dog looks at her LOL).
We really wanted to avoid the whole in season thing we live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs and it's great that way but we have a chain link fence so we would have worried all the time. Today is hte day she gets the stiches out and cone off. I would have been at the vet at midnight last night waiting if Peg would have let me but we are now getting ready to go. The vet is very very busy in the mornings.
Good luck to you guys! Poor little girl, but it's all almost in the past now Smile
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Thanks Ember I am ancious but Peggy is dragging her heals and editing on or book and says she is in an exciting part and refuses to quit till the chapter is over. Mean wile I am pacing. Could ya imagine wearing a dredded cone for a week??? I am a chubby ole man ad not nearly that energetic and I cant.

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